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Tye Dillinger told Vince McMahon he is "insulting the audience's intelligence" before leaving WWE


Tye Dillinger told Vince McMahon he is “insulting the audience’s intelligence” before leaving WWE

‘They don’t care. They’re not invested.’

Newly signed AEW wrestler Shawn Spears, formerly known as Tye Dillinger in WWE, was recently a guest on interviewer Chris Van Vliet’s YouTube channel, where he answered a wide range of questions including his thoughts on AEW, how his significant other Peyton Royce is used in WWE, and a lot more.

At one point, Spears was asked what he felt the difference was between AEW and WWE, and he took it as an opportunity to recall his last meeting with Vince McMahon before asking for his release in February.

“Credibility,” Spears answered. “One of the last conversations I had with Vince, I went into his office…I needed to say what I needed to say. The biggest difference between both companies is credibility. Talent needs credibility. They don’t necessarily need pushes…but talent does need credibility.”

He went on to elaborate: “If you’re watching the product and two guys come out and you’re already able to tell the finish of the match based on entrances alone, that’s a problem. Because now we’re giving an audience the opportunity to change the channel, we’re giving them the opportunity to [text] on their phone…they don’t care. They’re not invested. And that’s what I said to the chairman. I said, ‘with all due respect, I think we’re insulting their intelligence.’ He just kinda looked at me and said, ‘oh sh*t,’ But I still stand by that sentiment today.”

Spears, as Dillinger, was a hot commodity in NXT but (stop me if you’ve heard this before…) once he was called up to the main roster, he fizzled out. Since leaving WWE, he has appeared on AEW’s first-ever show, Double or Nothing, and has now signed a full time contract with the company.

Watch the full interview above.

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