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Teamfight Tactics: Patch 9.15 notes sees changes to Assassins, Demons, Void and more which should shake up the meta


Teamfight Tactics: Patch 9.15 notes sees changes to Assassins, Demons, Void and more which should shake up the meta

Riot reveals the latest round of patch notes, Patch 9.15, to Teamfight Tactics.

Riot Games recently revealed their latest round of patch notes for Teamfight Tactics, Patch 9.15; the list of changes are both sizable and substantial and should (hopefully) shake up the Teamfight Tactics meta in a good way.

This week we’re giving the defensive Origins and Classes more beef. Knights, Guardians, and Nobles will now form a more solid frontline and/or give their defensive bonuses to your whole team, but beware of the reworked Void monsters looking to rip through your lines with true damage. We’re also decreasing the amount of health players lose every round to open up more viable strategies around win and loss streaks. Rounding out the patch: Ninja trait has been reworked, Demons get nerfed, Dragons now care a little bit about magic damage, and Pirates make more money.

We’re aiming to send out the B-side of this patch next Wednesday around noon (PDT). We’ll see you then for additional balance and bugfixes.

Take this portal if you’re looking for League’s patch notes!

Now, let’s get into it. — Blake “Riot Beernana” Edwards


Win/Loss streaks

We’re making win and loss streaks more beneficial.

  • Win/Loss streak breakpoints: 2/5/8 -> 2/4/7

Class Breakpoints

We’ve added new breakpoints to a few Classes. For…reasons, just don’t worry about it ok?

  • Gunslinger 6 -> Gunslingers have a chance to fire 3 additional attacks.
  • Brawler 6 -> All Brawlers gain 1200 extra HP
  • Shapeshifter 6 -> Shapeshifters gain 120% Bonus Health on Transform
  • Blademaster 9 -> Blademasters have a chance to gain 4 extra attacks. (This one is currently possible, good luck)

Player Damage

We’re lowering the damage players take from minions and certain champion tier and star levels.

  • Damage from Spiderlings/Elemental Golem: 2 -> 1
  • Tier 4 (1 Star): 3 -> 2
  • Tier 5 (1 Star): 4 -> 3
  • Tier 3 (2 Star): 4 -> 3
  • Tier 4 (2 Star): 5 -> 4
  • Tier 5 (2 Star): 6 -> 5
  • Tier 4 (3 Star): 7 -> 6

Carousel Stage

  • Available Units: 10 -> 9


We nerfed the Assassins in 9.14b, but we still want them to be functional in other comps (Example Wild Rengar should be viable). So, we’re putting some power into their abilities to avoid synergizing their new power with the Assassin trait bonus. We’ve also made some systemic changes to how Assassins move in combat, and how they acquire their targets. This should add deeper counter-play to Assassin positioning.

  • Assassins jump earlier and their jumps are quicker.
  • Non-Assassin champ movement is slowed for the start of combat.
  • Assassins can be targeted sooner.
  • Evelynn Attack Damage: 60 -> 70
  • Evelynn Ability Damage: 200/250/350 -> 200/300/400
  • Katarina Ability Targets: 3/5/7 -> 4/6/8
  • Rengar Attack Damage: 65 -> 70
  • Rengar Attack Speed: 0.55 -> 0.60
  • Rengar Ability Attack Speed Buff: 0.3/0.5/0.7 -> 0.4/0.7/1.0


Demon is proving a little on the strong side, so we’re making adjustments to keep them in check.

  • Demon Mana Burn: 25%/50%/85% chance -> 20%/35%/60% chance
  • Varus Ability Damage: 400/600/800 -> 300/550/800
  • Aatrox Ability Damage: 400/700/1000 -> 250/600/950
  • Aatrox Health: 750 -> 700
  • Morgana Ability Damage: 300/375/450 -> 200/325/450


Dragons being 100% magic immune really shut down a lot of options to fight them. We’re removing that, and giving them a few minor defenses back to compensate.

  • Dragon: 100% Magic Immunity -> 83% Magic Immunity
  • Shyvana Armor: 20 -> 30
  • Aurelion Sol HP: 600 -> 650
  • Aurelion Sol Ability Damage: 250/450/650 -> 250/500/750


We pulled some of the power out of the Golem, but we still think they should be powerful casters that can also fit into other comps, so we are putting some power back into their abilities.

  • Lissandra Ability Damage: 150/200/250 -> 150/275/400
  • Brand Ability Damage: 175/325/475 -> 200/375/550


Guardians are finding a small niche, but the cost of running one early is a bit much. So we’re buffing their trait bonus, and letting the Guardian’s be a bit tankier as solo units.

  • Guardians: (2) 40 armor per stack -> (2) 50 armor per stack. Guardian’s don’t buff themselves.
  • Braum Armor: 25 -> 75
  • Leona Armor: 55 -> 100


Knights are currently a fine two-piece front line at the start, but then immediately fall off at four and six pieces. So, we’re going to improve the Knight fantasy by having Knights protect your whole team. Little strikes won’t punch through these defenses!

  • Knights block 20/40/80 damage from basic attacks -> Your team ignores 15/30/55 damage from all sources.
  • Darius Armor: 25 -> 40
  • Garen Armor: 35 -> 40
  • Mordekaiser Armor: 35 -> 40
  • Sejuani Armor: 35 -> 40
  • Sejuani Stun Duration: 2/3.5/5 -> 2/4/6
  • Kayle HP: 800 -> 750
  • Kayle Armor: 35 -> 40


The old Ninja bonus had some pretty big scaling issues, especially combined with the Assassin bonus. We want one Ninja on your team to be an attractive option, and if you can get all four Ninjas then they really turn on as auto-attackers and ability casters.

  • Ninja Trait Bonus: (1) 40% AD/(4) 80% AD -> (1) +40 AD & AP / (4) +60 AD & AP
  • Shen Attack Speed: 0.6 -> 0.7
  • Zed Attack Speed: 0.6 -> 0.65
  • Zed Attack Damage: 60 -> 65
  • Kennen Ability Damage: 400/650/900 -> 225/450/675
  • Akali Ability Damage: 200/375/550 -> 150/275/400


Noble should be a very powerful buff when you get it, but the lack of magic resistance proved that wasn’t the case, so we’re adding magic resistance to the trait. We’re also changing the attack speed and damage of many nobles so they can use their buff better, but maintain their DPS.

  • Noble: 100 Armor/+35 Life on Hit -> 60 Armor & MR/+35 Life on hit
  • Vayne Attack Damage: 45 -> 40
  • Vayne Attack Speed: 0.65 -> 0.75
  • Garen Attack Damage: 55 -> 50
  • Garen Attack Speed: 0.55 -> 0.6
  • Garen Ability Damage: 450/585/720 -> 360/585/810
  • Garen: Fixed a bug where he wouldn’t move while spinning. Beyblade is back!


Pirate was likely overnerfed for fear of what it could do to economy builds. We’re making it less likely to get those boots/fish bones, and adjusting some of the champions.

  • Pirate: Average Gold Per Chest: 1.6 -> 1.75
  • Graves Attack Speed: 0.5 -> 0.55
  • Twisted Fate: Improved cast speed
  • Twisted Fate Ability Damage: 100/150/200 -> 150/250/350


We’re reimagining the Void this patch. These are monsters that, in force, can tear through your defenses you worked so hard to set up. Be afraid of the Void!

  • Void Trait Bonus: All your units ignore 50% armor -> Void units now deal True Damage.
  • Kassadin Attack Damage: 45 -> 55
  • Kassadin Attack Speed: 0.65 -> 0.6
  • Khazix Ability Damage Non-Isolated: 150/250/350 -> 150/300/450
  • Khazix Attack Damage: 50 -> 55
  • Rek’Sai Attack Damage: 40 -> 50
  • Rek’Sai Ability Damage: 150/250/350 -> 200/350/500
  • Rek’Sai Ability Heal: 300/400/500 -> 150/300/450
  • Cho’Gath Attack Speed: 0.55 -> 0.6
  • Cho’Gath Ability Damage: 200/400/600 -> 250/500/750
  • Cho’Gath Ability Knockup: 1.5/2/2.5 -> 1.5/1.75/2


Yordles are in a pretty good spot, but it can feel really bad when the dodge doesn’t work on things it probably should. We’re making a small adjustment, and improving the three-piece so you can throw Yordles into many other comps.

  • Yordles: (3) 25%/(6) 60% Dodge -> (3) 30%/(6) 55% Dodge. Also dodges On-hit effects.
  • Lulu Armor: 25 -> 20
  • Veigar HP: 450 -> 500
  • Gnar AD: 45 -> 50

Other Champions

There’s a few units that we’re adjusting apart from their traits: We’re making it more likely for Blitzcrank to get a 2nd grab off. Karthus needs to be just a little scarier. Yasuo isn’t quite pulling off the solo kill stunts he should be as a five-cost unit, so we’re buffing him a bit. Last but not least, Ashe & Kindred aren’t pulling their weight, so we’re giving them more damage.

  • Blitzcrank Mana: 150 -> 125
  • Ashe AD: 60 -> 65
  • Kindred AD: 55 -> 60
  • Morgana: Ability cast time 0.35 -> 0.5 sec to match all other champs
  • Yasuo AD: 65 -> 75
  • Karthus Ability Damage: 350/600/850 -> 400/700/1000
  • Karthus Ability Targets: 4/7/10 -> 5/9/13


Locket has been redesigned. It still provides valuable shields for the start of combat, but is much less about permanent health.

  • Locket gives a 200 HP Shield -> Locket gives a 250 HP Shield that lasts for 4 seconds.
  • Ionic Spark Damage: 200 -> 150
  • Hush Silence Duration: 5 seconds -> 3 seconds
  • Statikk Shiv Damage: 100 -> 90

Clarity and VFX changes

  • Akali: Adjusted her ability VFX to closer resemble its real hitbox.
  • Gangplank: Improved barrel placement logic, and they persist if GP dies while the fuse is lit.
  • Kayle: Added cast VFX and adjusted auto-attack missile VFX.
  • Kennen: Changed which animation plays while casting his ability.
  • Morgana: Spell cast time increased to match most other champions.
  • Sejuani: Changed which animation plays while casting her ability.
  • Volibear: Changed which animation plays when he crits.


  • Rek’sai will now be healed by Redemption while burrowed.
  • The Darkin item will no longer give mana to demons when equipping during combat phase.
  • Vayne can no longer apply Silver Bolts onto units in Shen’s Spirit Refuge.
  • Frozen Heart will no longer break for a round when selling it’s host unit.
  • Dragon’s Claw will no longer reduce damage from champion abilities that deal true damage.
  • The play again button will take you back to the same queue you just played (Darkhorse MVP candidate of this patch).
  • Voicechat and party will persist through multiple games.

For more information, check out the official League of Legends TFT section:

What do you think of the latest round of Teamfight Tactics patch notes? Will Knights take over the meta with the buffs they received? What do you think of the reimagining of Void? Sound off in the comments.

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