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Another Take: 'Ready or Not' is the rare perfect film

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Another Take: ‘Ready or Not’ is the rare perfect film

There have been a small handful of films I’ve seen in theaters that were truly “perfect”. I don’t just throw that term around when describing a film and I don’t give out 10’s lightly. I’ve only given out one 10 while I’ve written for this site. Well, that’s about to change. Yes, I’m giving Ready or Not a 10 because it earns a perfect score in every single way. The hype you’re hearing is true, the high rating of 89 on Rotten Tomatoes is, if anything, low. This film is a rare treat and it must be seen on the big screen.

The trailers for Ready or Not got me extremely excited to see it. The plot looked so creative to me; the possibilities are endless with something like this. A crazy family who thinks they must kill the new bride? Are you kidding? I’m in! The plot is executed in a way that’s both entertaining and incredibly smart. This could’ve turned into a cheap slasher flick that threw away all it’s potential on predictable bloody kills, but thankfully it’s not.

This cast absolutely slays here. Samara Weaving…who the hell is this woman and how is she this incredible? Weaving turns in an electrifying performance full of adrenaline. You just can’t help but love her due to her lovable personality and killer wit. As things heat up and Weaving’s situation becomes more and more dangerous, her performance turns explosive. It wasn’t explosive as in too over the top, it was completely fitting.

Another Take: 'Ready or Not' is the rare perfect film
Samara Weaving

Come to think of it, “explosive in a good way” is exactly how to describe Ready or Not. Mark O’Brien, who plays the husband who desperately tries to rescue his new wife, is really great. I became incredibly invested both in his character and in the couple’s relationship. They have great chemistry. Andie MacDowell plays the mother in the family, Becky. I was impressed to see MacDowell do so well in a genre that’s brand new to her. Henry Czerny, who plays the father, Becky’s husband Tony, gives a truly powerful performance, fittingly over the top. Adam Brody plays his character very well given the complexities of it. Brody’s character is a roller coaster and he handles all the ups and downs with such ease. Everyone else gives it their all too, there’s just a lot of them to go over individually. But those I mentioned really make their mark, which is impressive given how many characters there are and the film’s runtime.

The script is just superb. Not only does the writing allow for a fast paced entertaining thrill ride that works on every level, but it throws in some wonderful surprises. There’s some brilliant dark comedy here. There were several moments where I was doubled over laughing because of the dry dark humor. I like that it’s sporadic too, it’s not funny all the time, but when it is, not only is it effective but it feels right. None of the comedic moments feel out of place or awkward. I wasn’t just surprised at how high quality the dark comedy was but also how great the connections are. The chemistry between Weaving and O’Brien is palpable and I was pretty invested in them as a couple, especially when threatened. All of these things and how beautifully they’re constructed is what sets this apart from just some throw away slasher film. I love some of the plot details that come to light too, one in particular is very unique and original.

Another Take: 'Ready or Not' is the rare perfect film

I really don’t want to give anything away but suffice to say they do some really interesting things with the reasoning behind why they play the game. The imagery used and just the way it’s handled is very cool and I’m glad they went there. Lastly, there’s one huge thing that happens towards the end that just hit me like a gut punch, I was completely shocked. I was sitting there in the theater, mouth agape, thinking “What?! Are you kidding me right now?”. Of course, I won’t reveal what it is but just know that something is coming and I honestly don’t know how anyone could see it coming. The ending is extremely well done, it leaves you with a delicious smile on your face.

So look, Ready or Not is just perfect, a shining example of why I love going to the movie theater. I seldom give out the “Fantastic!” 10/10 score but this marvelous film deserves it. Ready or Not…. here comes one of the best films you’ll ever see!

Another Take: 'Ready or Not' is the rare perfect film
Ready or Not
Is it good?
Ready or Not is a perfect film. Electrifying performances, a wickedly smart script, and a creative plot all comes together to make a truly unforgettable film.
Samara Weaving
Mark O'Brien
Andie MacDowell
Adam Brody
Henry Czerny
Wickedly smart script
Clever dark humor
Palpable chemistry between characters
Creative plot details
Deliciously satisfying ending
The only negative would be if people didn't see this....

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