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Triage #1 Review: A Bold New Universe

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Triage #1 Review: A Bold New Universe

What if you met two other versions of yourself?

“I had a plan.”

Think about all of the comics that come out every day.  Each one a new, original creation.  Some take place in our world, in a made up town or location, but how often would you say an entirely new universe is created from the ground up?  It’s a terrifyingly daunting concept for any creator.  What will your universe offer that someone else’s doesn’t?  Nevertheless Phillip Sevy took on the task and almost all by himself too.  Sevy was the writer, artist, and colorist on this title, and his work in an unquestionably impressive feat.  After all, he created an entire universe from the ground up, and it really works.

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Here’s a book where you can feel like you’re jumping into an established property while also being introduced to a world and concept that exists independent of everything else out there.  This is a fresh, new sci-fi concept for you to sink your teeth into. But that means Triage has to work extra hard to get you invested. Sevy has to invest us in three universes, three heroines, three different personalities, and three different sets of supporting characters using his writing, art, and colors.  Does he do it?  Yes, yes, yes.

Triage #1 Review: A Bold New Universe

In order to balance all of these ideas we need a way in.  A guide.  Someone to walk us through Sevy’s mind.  That’s where we get Evelyn Pierce.  She’s a labor and delivery nurse who’s going through a pretty bad situation right now.  Being a nurse is her life and plan, and it’s hit quite the snag.  Along with Evelyn, we see two other protagonists with familiar faces that lead us through other landscapes, maybe even other Earths.  If you’re someone who just wants to jump into a sci-fi adventure, this is the book for you.  It’s an accessible, fun, and entertaining sci-fi book with three universes at stake.  If you like compelling characters, great word-building, and dynamic scene construction, Triage is the book for you.

The book is gorgeous through and through.  Sevy obviously is putting his all into creating almost every aspect of this book, and you can see pieces of his soul in every element.  The writing is unafraid, honest, and real.  The art is striking, intimate, and picturesque.  The colors are bright, dynamic, and electrifying.  It’s truly one person doing the work we see from a collaborative effort of three people.  Despite many differences, there seems to be a lot of influence coming from The Wicked + The Divine. You can just feel the electricity bouncing between the people and places in the issue.

Triage #1 Review: A Bold New Universe

The introductions are all very interesting, with the three heroines being from totally unique worlds forced to collaborate to save themselves from a very menacing threat.  Evelyn is a nurse form a world much like our own.  She is going through a tough time but her rock, her soul, Tabitha is there to ease her through it.  We also have Ms. Orbit, a hero and germaphobe who looks down upon the people she saves.  Finally there’s Commander Marco, a resistance leader on a rugged planet who isn’t afraid to sacrifice whomever to accomplish the goals.  Together it will be up to them to take down this unknown threat.  It’s a captivating premise albeit a straightforward one. There’s an important mix of action and character in this book that will likely convince you to pick up the second issue.

Triage #1 Review: A Bold New Universe
Triage #1
Is it good?
A fun entrance to an all new universe written, drawn, and colored by one terrific creator
An extremely accessible new universe.
Fantastic art and colors
Dynamic character work.
Phenomenal world-building.
Something feels like its missing. It doesn't have that last ingredient to compel you to read the next issue.
A bit decompressed.

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