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Daredevil #11 review

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Daredevil #11 review

‘Through Hell’ begins here.

Here we are at the new story arc from Chip Zdarsky, featuring the return of artist Marco Checchetto and his beautiful art.  I have to say that this new arc really drove excitement and also reminded us of how many problems Matt Murdock has going on right now.  So, let us jump into the issue and take a look into Hell with Matt. SPOILERS!

Daredevil #11 review
Marvel Comics

So right from the opener we can see that someone is protecting Hell’s Kitchen, but it is not our usual Man Without Fear.  Another person has taken up the mantle and is doing their thing to protect others.  What I found very interesting about this is that the law enforcement is showing zero tolerance towards this vigilante.  Whoever this person is under the mask will definitely find their career cut short; so how will this weigh on Matt’s guilt, and more importantly, will Matt even know this is happening?

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Daredevil #11 review
Marvel Comics

I love that Elektra has made an appearance in this arc and it is nice to have the callback to Daredevil’s secret identity being hidden from everyone.  So now Matt could be in double trouble if and when Elektra finds out about Daredevil’s secrets.  Detective Cole and Spider-Man have a great interaction and I really like how two men bounded by responsibility are facing off; Spider-Man does a great job of challenging Cole with “Law vs. Justice.”  I hope we get to see more of those two facing each other again later in the arc.

Daredevil #11 review
Marvel Comics

Matt Murdock may have been lucky to face Elektra in his makeshift Daredevil identity, but he has to face Joey Carraro and his mom, who happen to be related to the person Daredevil killed, and a phone call from Mindy Libris without hiding behind a mask.  The part with Joey and his mom was really interesting and just showed how much Matt’s Catholic guilt came out; now I hope that this point does get resolved soon as it is the main reason why Matt is out of costume, but then again, the drama that it brings is well worth it too.  The phone call from Mindy was great to see where their “relationship” is and how that is heading to some major disaster and of course more “Guilt” for Matt.

Daredevil #11 review
Marvel Comics

There was also some action on the villains’ side of things with Fisk and Owl meeting up.  This meeting got out of hand fast for Fisk, and honestly it is nice to see the big guy sweat thinking he got out of street crime to go to the big leagues…but looks like Owl won’t be standing for that.  Chip and Marco pulled no stops with this issue.  Marco has some amazing art and as we saw back in the first arc he does have an amazing skill to bring out the light and darkness with settings being on the rooftops, in alleyways, day or night…just beautiful art. I’m very excited to see him back.  One thing I do hope that happens is that there will be some consistency with Mindy Libris as she seems to change appearance with each artist. 

Chip is just killing it with the drama and events that are happening to Matt.  Matt is probably on the verge of a breakdown and now you add in the guilt of killing Joey’s brother, having an affair with Mindy, and other people being Daredevil…this is going to drive Matt “Through Hell” indeed.  I highly recommend this series.  Daredevil the series is in great hands with Chip, but Matt Murdock the character has never been tested more.   

Daredevil #11
Is it good?
Daredevil the series is in great hands with Chip, but Matt Murdock the character has never been tested more.
Artist Marco Checchetto returns and is treating us to some amazing art
Chip Zdarsky really tightens the screws on Matt Murdock, leading to some high drama
Big story and the subplots and characters are starting to come together
The character of Mindy Libris seems to change appearance drastically with each artist

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