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[Spoilers] Hearthstone: Tombs of Terror: League of Explorer Hero Powers and Treasures revealed

Want to know what the League of Explorers are working with in Hearthstone solo adventure, Tombs of Terror?

The first two chapters of Hearthstone‘s newest solo adventure, Tombs of Terror go live on September 17th — but thanks to some crafty datamining, the dual-class League of Explorers heroes and their respective treasures have been uncovered a few days early.

Elise Starseeker, the Enlightened

Elise combines the Druid and Priest classes.

Elise Starseeker, the Enlightened, ventures forth from her library armed with centuries of knowledge as well as the restorative magic of a Priest and the ferocity of a Druid.

Elise’s Hero Powers

Elise’s Treasures

(Jr. Navigator is upgraded to Sr. Navigator after clearing all 4 chapters of the adventure.)

Dino-tamer Brann Bronzebeard

Brann combines the Warrior/Hunter classes.

Dino-tamer Brann Bronzebeard unites the bravery and fortitude of a Warrior with the marksmanship and animal kinship of a Hunter.

Brann’s Hero Powers

Brann’s Treasures

(Jr. Excavator is upgraded to Sr. Excavator after clearing all 4 chapters of the adventure.)

Reno Jackson, Relicologist

Reno combines the Mage and Rogue classes.

Reno Jackson, Relicologist, is a treasure-hunting Rogue with a heart of gold who has picked up enough mystic mumbo jumbo on his adventures to haphazardly sling Mage spells.

Reno’s Hero Powers

Reno’s Treasures

(Jr. Tomb Diver is upgraded to Sr. Tomb Diver after clearing all 4 chapters of the adventure.)

Sir Finley Mrrglton of the Sands

Finley combines the Paladin and Shaman classes.

Sir Finley Mrrglton of the Sands, a sophisticated gentle-murloc, rallies a Paladin’s knightly valor with the tribal Shaman powers of his amphibious brethren.

Finley’s Hero Powers

Finley’s Treasures

(Jr. Scout is upgraded to Sr. Scout after clearing all 4 chapters of the adventure.)

What do you think of the Tombs of Terror Hero Powers and Treasures? Sound off in the comments.


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