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You Are Obsolete #1 Review

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You Are Obsolete #1 Review

Reporter Layla Wilton has taken on a job she might regret accepting.

As if celebrating your 40th birthday wasn’t depressing enough, imagine it was also your last because you were gonna die. This is the premise of the new series You Are Obsolete from writer Mathew Klickstein and artist Evgeniy Bornyakov (Descendent). Lyla Wilton has just landed a news story that may put her back on top. Will she live to regret coming to the island of Muhu?

The Writing

You Are Obsolete #1 tells the story of a disgraced investigative reporter named Lyla Wilton. Lyla is hired and brought to Muhu, an isle in the Baltic sea (secluded creepy island). Lyla is narrating and chronicling her journey from the moment she hit rock bottom in her news career, to how she first met The Children. She discovers that the children of Muhu have taken complete control of the town, and even stranger, they are somehow killing off all adults by their 40th birthdays.

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You Are Obsolete #1 Review

The first issue is a fantastic start to what looks to be a menacingly creepy series. It feels like Children of the Corn meets Get Out with a digital twist. Klickstein’s writing really grabs you right from the start where we see a guy name Kaspar keel over in his own birthday cake on his 40th birthday. The plot is a nice slow burn that builds to an even creepier ending.

Whether the book meant to or not, it pays a great homage to a classic Twilight Zone episode called “It’s a Good Life” (definitely look it up when you have a chance). Another thing that makes the book so intriguing is the mystery that surrounds it. All the people that Lyla encounters, from the scary cab driver to the weird Innkeeper Mrs. Iganenud, help sell the creep factor of the story. But it’s Klicksteins dialogue that drives it all home with many of the characters terrified of upsetting the children. 

Evgeniy Bornyakov

Panel for panel, Bornyakov’s illustrations add a perfect blend of terror, curiosity, and intrigue that make this series great right from the jump. One that stood at the most to me was the awkward, horrific smile that each character sports during their encounter with Lyla our main protagonist. It enhances the mystery behind why everyone’s so afraid of the children of the town and makes them feel held against their will. As the plot intensifies during the issue so does his artwork, making it very enjoyable. 

You Are Obsolete #1 Review

The Verdict

You Are Obsolete #1 is a terrifyingly good read. It will keep you guessing with every turn of the page. The dialogue is solid, the pacing is on point, and the mystery behind the children is just terrific. If you love a good spine-chilling story shrouded in mystery, you need to download this book or get to your local comic shop today. Klickstein and Bornyakov definitely have a hit on their hands — Netflix, you need to make a live-action adaption pronto. 

You Are Obsolete #1 Review
You Are Obsolete #1
Is it good?
A terrifying thrill ride of a mystery that makes you more and more curious as you read it.
Fantastic artwork
Great pacing
Great plot that reminds me of great thrillers and horror films from the '70s and '80s

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