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Strikeforce #1 Review

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Strikeforce #1 Review

Strange situations make for strange bedfellows.

Here we are at the launch of Strikeforce, a brand new team book featuring some Marvel characters that you wouldn’t normally see working together, but in this offbeat start even they are shocked to find themselves banded together and charged with a mission that is out of their wheelhouse. People are being kidnapped and shapeshifters are running amok — but before we get there, let’s take a look at the team that is forming:

Strikeforce #1 Review
Strikeforce #1, Marvel Comics

The main players in this initial lineup are some interesting choices and have some storied backgrounds.  Blade is a vampire hunter and usually finds himself teaming with other heroes of the supernatural, but lately he has been on the Avengers main team, so I’m sure the popularity boost will help cement him as the leader of this team.  He is well aware of the villainous force that gathered the other heroes and has drafted them to help contain this situation, but to be honest I question his motives in this series — something about him felt off.  Angela is a very new character to the Marvel Universe and is now a member of the Asgardian family.  She has been quite the character since her debut and I’m sure after War of the Realms it’ll help to have a powerhouse on the team.  The big question with her is how much does she know about what is going on with her vast knowledge?

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Then we have Spectrum, aka Monica Rambeau, a former Captain Marvel with an amazing set of energy powers.  She has leadership abilities that should come in handy with this group when it comes to making a plan.  I just wonder how well she will do with the supernatural instead of her usual cosmic adventures.  Next up is Bucky Barnes, the Winter Soldier, and of all the characters here he seems very out of place.  Most have superpowers and higher levels of offense and defense, but in this issue he does hold his own and proves to be a worthy ally.  Remember, with Bucky’s past, he has been brainwashed…so that might be an edge for him to see who is acting normally and who isn’t.

Strikeforce #1 Review
Strikeforce #1, Marvel Comics

Jessica Drew, Spider-Woman, is a part of this team and that lends well to making some connections with the others.  She has been a New Avenger with Bucky and has close ties to another Captain Marvel; she might just find herself being the glue that connects the team.  I find it interesting with her as a pick since she was totally impersonated during the Secret Invasion, but that could be an edge for her and the team.  Lastly we have Wiccan and he is quite the magical warhorse that could help turn the tide if needed. 

So I picked this book since it had Winter Soldier in it and was very iffy about this team overall.  Yet the book did what every good book should do: it drew me in with the story it has.  The team members were showcased nicely and there are some fun moments in the art.  I love when the group is first “arrested” and you see Spectrum and Winter Soldier playing paper football…Bucky gets in that head shot on his goal then Monica totally fries the ball on her return.  Blade and Angela deliver some moments that get me invested in their situation and it is nice to see Spider-Woman and Wiccan in a team book again. 

This issue will leave you with a cliffhanger ending so be ready to ride out the first arc if you want answers.  Worth a shot if you are a fan of any of these characters as they have great voice and reason to be there. This totally felt like an adventure comic and has all the right elements of a good comic book story. Strange situations make for strange bedfellows, so this book has me hooked and I am looking forward to issue two and the first arc. 

Strikeforce #1 Review
Strikeforce #1
Is it good?
Strikeforce is shaping up to be an interesting mix of heroes going up against evil forces. The issue doesn't stand alone, so be ready to commit if you want to see this team in action, but the team members do work really well together.
This odd bunch of heroes do work pretty nicely together, fun character moments
Strong mystery in the story and why the characters are drawn together
If you are hoping for quick answers, be ready as the issue will set you up with more questions

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