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House of X #6 review: Three Laws

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House of X #6 review: Three Laws

The revolutionary tale of Mutantkind’s rise comes to a conclusion that will lay the groundwork of the X-Men’s stories for years to come!

As the final issue of House of X arrives, Hickman adds even more depth and structure to the mutant nation of Krakoa. This issue fleshes out the ruling body of Krakoa, and the laws they set in place. It also answers a few smaller questions that fans had been asking about certain plot points, such as Sabretooth’s fate and more specific details about Moira’s location.

The issue opens right before House of X #1, as Xavier sends out a mental address to the humans of Earth, explaining the drugs he has created as well as the demands he now has from mankind. Xavier describes what his dream was, before telling all of humanity that it was a lie. The speech resonates very strongly in a modern landscape, as it vocalizes the intense anger and frustration that marginalized groups have been feeling for years. As Xavier’s address ends, the phrasing turns harsh and cold, evoking the thoughts of Magneto or Apocalypse with “We are the future. An evolutionary inevitability. Earth’s true inheritors.” While Xavier’s words are disillusioned, they ring very true for the state of the X-Men and their place in the Marvel universe.

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The next portion of the issue depicts the first meeting of the Council of Krakoa. This first meeting exists to define the laws of mutantdom, because as Xavier says, the laws of Man are outdated. This session establishes relationships between the different members of the council as well as their own personal ideals. Jean’s compassion for everyone is on full display, as is her potential for rage. Nightcrawler’s devotion to God and Apocalypse’s devotion to evolution are evident, as is Mystique’s cynicism and Shaw’s greed. The scene serves not only to provide a key element of the new world of mutantdom, but to also establish what already exists. The session ends with the judgment and sentencing of Sabretooth, who killed humans during a mission. This punishment depicts how harsh the laws of mutantdom will be, as Sabretooth serves an example for all who would murder. This scene should also alleviate some concerns that the Krakoans were planning on letting Sabretooth’s crimes go unpunished, as they very clearly have not.

The final scene is one of jubilation and celebration. Krakoa is legally a nation, and its residents are rejoicing in a celebration of song, lights, and just all-around festivities. This is a scene where some mutants who haven’t been seen in a while get to make brief appearances, and also where the readers are able to see the main characters of this series in a scene of excitement and bliss. There is no conflict here, just a satisfying party to conclude House of X, ending with Magneto’s triumphant proclamation to his brother in arms, Charles Xavier: “Just look at what we have made.”

Pepe Larraz’s art in this issue is just as spectacular as it has been throughout the series. Marte Gracia was not able to finish coloring this issue, but David Curiel did an excellent job matching his style and palette to Gracia’s to keep this issue consistent and cohesive with the series at large. The scenes of the celebration are incredible to look at, as Dazzler’s light shows are brilliant and the celebrating X-Men look delighted and at peace for the first time in an incredibly long time. Larraz’s mastery of facial expressions and body language is exceptional, and on full display during the meeting of the council, as each character’s faces and bodies portray exactly how they approach each interaction. As always, House of X is a gorgeous looking book, as the art team does a superb job bringing the story to life.

The data pages this issue serve to finalize the structure of Krakoa as established throughout House of X. The first is the members of the Council, all filled out aside from one spot that remains empty for the time being. It also establishes the existence of Captains, who serve as leaders outside of the council. Another important data page defines the three laws of mutantdom, serving as a charter that all mutants who enter Krakoa must follow. With Sabretooth’s punishment serving as an example, these laws are clearly strict, yet their wording is quite flexible. The final data pages are the map from the very first issue of House of X, now filled out with even more locations, with all but one labeled. There is still a lot to unpack within each of these data pages, but they finally provide an order to Krakoa, establishing it as a nation in the same way the United Nations did in House of X #5.

House of X #6 review: Three Laws
House of X #6
Is it good?
This issue is an excellent conclusion to House of X, firmly establishing Krakoa as a nation and leaving enough unanswered to make the future of the X-line intriguing.
Charles' speech to the humans is incredibly satisfying, and feels like a natural next step for the X-Men to take.
The establishment of Krakoan laws firmly cements that this is a real home for the X-Men, and a proper nation.
Larraz's art alongside Gracia and Curiel's colors is fantastic as always.

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