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Farmhand #11 Review

Jed seeks answers for his past in order to save his future.

Rob Guillory returns after a small hiatus with the next arc to his agricultural nightmare series with Farmhand #11 (Which I mean in a good way). Jed is in trouble and seeks answers to the catastrophe he helped create. But will he seek the answers he so desires, or will he just make things worse? Only time will tell.

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The Story

As the old saying goes, “What’s done in the dark will come to light.” That theory holds true to the latest installment of Farmhand. Guillory continues to dig deep within the roots of the story by providing the reader with more backstory on Jedidiah Jenkins, Monica Thorne, and even the history of who started the town of Freeport. Although most of the issue serves up backstory and buildup for further issues, Guillory does manage to insert some relatively strong themes that resonate with today’s social issues like black wealth and community being destroyed by racism. 

Our main protagonist, Zeke Jenkins, takes a backseat this issue as the story focuses strongly on Jed. While there are still many questions that still need answering, this issue does provide some insight as to how Jed got his business going. We’re taking on this journey for answers and salvation through Jed that ends far worst then it started. Unlike the first arc of Farmhand, the second has a darker more serious approach so far, serving up fewer jokes and a more drama and creepiness. It definitely gives an early indication that things are sure to hit the fan the second time around.

The Art

Guillory offers some Invasion of the Body Snatchers vibes with his illustrations in Farmand #11. The glowing green eyes of all the organ transplant recipients and the night setting really help Guillory emphasize all the look and feel of the book. His pencil work gets better with each issue and it shows through how effortless everything looks. The backstory pages of Freeport are some of the best and definitely leave a lasting impression.

The Verdict

Farmhand #11 is a great setup issue that executes the delivery and tone that Guillory is looking to tell for the second arc. You really learn a lot more about a lot of characters and it provides more reason to care for Jed and his family. Guillory’s focus is razor sharp with where the plot is headed and only looks to pick up speed from here. Make sure to add Farmhand #11 to your pull list.

Is it good?
Farmhand #11 is an incredible start to what promises to be a darker arc for the series.
Amazing illustrations
Informative Issue
Solid writing

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