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Necropolis: Legion review


Necropolis: Legion review

Necropolis: Legion is a welcome throwback to the classic days of horror.

Back in 1987, Charles Band’s Empire Pictures released Necropolis; a terror tale about a witch from 17th century New Amsterdam who journeys through the ages. She gets reincarnated in the 20th century as a leather clad biker chick in a sexy miniskirt. She roams around sucking the life out of her victims using her power of suggestion to get them to off themselves while she is searching out an all-powerful ring that will extend her life.

Here we are in 2019 and Band’s Full Moon Pictures is releasing Necropolis: Legion, a re-imagining of the film with a story by Brockton McKinney and Chris Alexander, who also directed the film. The comic with the same name debuted earlier this month as well. If you are into boobs with teeth, then this is something that you are really going to sink YOUR teeth into!

Necropolis: Legion review

I’m willing to try anything once. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Necropolis: Legion begins in an early century setting with an old man, Maynard Gandy (Joseph Lopez) sending his wife Eva (Ali Chappell) to hell. She has a pesky habit of luring women into her grasps and performing weird, satanic rituals. Eva is absolutely a being of beauty until you see her breasts. Now, I know you are thinking: “David, when do you not like breasts?” Well, these are pretty wicked due to the fact that they have fangs and a tongue longer than Gene Simmons.

They also suck the life from your body, so even though I do dig boobs, even I have limits. I must admit, I was slightly turned on. However, Maynard isn’t turned on and casts her and her demonic boobs away for good, or so he thinks.

Necropolis: Legion review

Fast forward to modern day. We are introduced to Lisa, (Augie Duke) an author whose focus is on the paranormal. Lisa is touring with her new book, but also has plans to stay in the old house that belonged to Maynard to research for her next book. During the signing, Zia, played by underrated genre veteran, Lynn Lowry (I Drink Your Blood, The Crazies) appears and tells Lisa that she shouldn’t be there. But, as horror tropes go, Lisa ignores all warning and sets up camp at the Gandy farm and cue the bizarre happenings.

Necropolis: Legion surprised me. I didn’t know what to expect turning on such a short feature that clocks in at just over an hour. The pacing is a slow burn, but it is methodical. The score by Charles Band is chilling and carries the weight of the film. Much of the film is silent as Lisa scours the property investigating for details. Duke’s acting is solid as she relies on her physical performance more than executing her lines. She has a girl next door look and her expressions paint the misery of her character going through torment and pain as Eva tries to possess her body.

Alexander shows off his directing chops by inserting feverish nightmare sequences. The lighting and colors are vivid and visually takes you into the same descent of madness that Lisa travels through. Things go from calm and tranquil to chaos and despair. Alexander pulls off the transition well and despite the slow moments, the pacing fits the narrative.

I must give a shout out to The Butcher Shop FX. The practical effects are a breath of fresh air after so many films want to stuff CGI down our throats. Prosthetic boobs with teeth dripping blood, the use of latex as Eva’s hand is emerging from the blood-soaked floor, this is what more films need today, and I loved every effect.

Necropolis: Legion review

This is the look on your face when your boobs bite back.

Necropolis: Legion is a solid entry into the Full Moon Pictures world. I would have preferred a longer feature, but it is a fun watch despite the ending feeling rushed. Nonetheless, I can’t take away the great performances by the cast. I would have liked to have seen more of Chappell, but Duke and Lowry shine when they are on screen. If you are looking for a quick horror fix, then make sure you catch Necropolis: Legion when it premiers December 2nd on Amazon Prime.

Necropolis: Legion review
Necropolis: Legion
Is it good?
A worthy addition to the Full Moon universe and a throwback to the old school days of horror.
The score is easily one of the best parts of the film.
Solid acting from Augie Duke and Lynn Lowry.
The practical effects are incredible!
Boobs with teeth!
A little short; I wanted more!
Ending feels a little rushed

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