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Still here, but forgotten: Movies from the past decade no one talks about anymore


Still here, but forgotten: Movies from the past decade no one talks about anymore

How soon we forget.

There are so many movies released each year it is understandable that some of them get forgotten. What is surprising is some of them are some of the most talked about impactful films of the time. They are used as benchmarks and examples. Then one day, people just stop talking about them. Here is a year by year look at the most forgotten movies of the past decade.

2010: easy A

A coming of age story that is funny, heartwarming, and has a great soundtrack. This comedy is the movie that turned Emma Stone into EMMA STONE. The unique story also brought audiences to the theater. Despite everything, the movie never gets mentioned anymore. It may be a stretch to call it this generation’s The Breakfast Club, but it deserves better.

2011: Limitless

Aside from a television spin-off that lasted one season, Limitless has left little impression. That may be because it is not a great movie. It simply loses its way after a while. That being said, it is an incredibly fun one with an interesting premise; a writer takes a pill that opens the full potential of his brain. Director Neil Burger does a wonderful job and Bradley Cooper shows off his range.

2012: Argo

Argo is not the first movie to win Best Picture and to never be heard from again. It is surprising that it has not been shown more, however. With a cast that includes Ben Affleck, Bryan Cranston, and John Goodman it was made for cable TV. It also boasts strong performances and a tense story. Instead, you will be lucky to find anyone who even remembers it.

2013: Her

The always dependable Joaquin Phoenix stars in a science fiction movie about a man who develops a relationship with his AI assistant. The cast includes Amy Adams, Olivia Wilde, and Chris Pratt. Another movie about the ever expanding reach of technology. The romantic take on the premise is unique and sad. Few sci fi movies are this beautiful.

2014: Gone Girl

David Fincher has an impressive resume that contains some of the best movies of the past quarter century. Gone Girl belongs on that list, but it may be a victim of the times. A movie that heavily deals with false accusations of rape and spousal abuse would have trouble finding an audience in 2020. The ending guarantees no one will want to talk about it.

2015: Ex Machina

An intimate science fiction film that is more about its story that special effects. The story explores themes of humanity and is one of the smartest sci fi movies around.  The cast is tremendous in a film that can be described as a modern gothic horror. Another movie that explores the future of technology. A refreshingly unique story that does not get the credit it deserves.

2016: Nocturnal Animals

The movie contains a two fold story that intersperses the real world with a novel. The performances are outstanding and the film has a tense atmosphere that lasts the whole time. An sometimes uncomfortable watch for all the right reasons. One of the most overlooked movies of the decade. Powerful, but good luck finding anyone who remembers it.

2017: Atomic Blonde

Timing is everything when it comes to movies. In the weeks before Atomic Blonde was released, Wonder Woman, Spider-Man: Homecoming, and Dunkirk all hit theaters. Stylish and action packed, the film was surrounded by box office heavyweights. It still managed to hold its own, but it was doomed to be an afterthought. Maybe the rumored sequel will remind people of the fantastic original.

2018: Isle of Dogs

For weeks after its release, everyone seemed to be talking about this Wes Anderson animated movie. And for good reason. It is beautiful and can be heartwarming and funny. Then everyone forgot about it. And for good reason. The characters and story fail to be engaging. Possibly the weakest entry in Anderson’s catalog. It certainly is not bad, but there is a reason audiences moved on so quickly.

2019: Shazam

Remember when some people talked about going to theaters to see the “real” Captain Marvel? Me neither. But it actually happened earlier this year. Shazam is a movie best left to one viewing. It is silly fun whose flaws can be ignored. There likable cast makes the anticlimactic ending forgivable. The good thing is, the chances of someone remembering it are very slim.

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