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A fan-favorite Neil Gaiman character may have returned in ‘The Dreaming’ #17

This character blows the doors wide open on the series.

Spoilers ahead. You’ve been warned.

The Dreaming has been one of the most interesting books from DC Comics in the last year. It probes what dreams mean, who these characters originally crafted by Neil Gaiman are, and waxes poetic about storytelling. The latest issue is no different with an interesting core narrative about acceleration in the story. It also harnesses a surprise guest at the very end.

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The book opens with Abel attempting to put Lucien out of his misery with a dagger. Sadly it’s not working as it appears you can’t be killed so easily in the Dreaming.

Lucien wanders out to find another way to end his misery and finds a Baku. These are dream-eating creatures from Japanese legend. The sad truth is it will be a terrible death for him. As he awaits his swallowing…

…he is saved by his friends in the Dreaming. They see his pain and give him a different kind of death, burying him in the ground of the Dreaming itself. As he’s swallowed up, Si Spurrier’s wonderful captions articulate the peace Lucien is finally given. That is, until a character speaks up…

That’s right, Death is returning to the Sandman Universe series! This fan-favorite character appears to be telling Lucien she’s quite busy so she’s sorry she has to be a bit short as he moves on to her realm. This is a huge development for the series as it appears there’s another place, Death’s realm, that will be explored further.

That’s only part of the story though and I highly recommend you read the whole issue to get the full picture!


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