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Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 10 Premiere Review: 'Happy New Year'


Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 10 Premiere Review: ‘Happy New Year’

‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ has always expertly crafted its stories.

It is hard to believe it has been almost two decades since Curb Your Enthusiasm first premiered. While there was a six year gap between seasons eight and nine and a three year one between this season and the last, it is remarkable that a show is still beloved enough to warrant a new season twenty years after it debuted. Still, it is hard not to ask the question: is Larry David’s show still funny?

Seinfeld was famous for being a show about nothing. Initially, it would seem Curb would take that conceit to the next level. After all, the HBO comedy is about the man who created the show about nothing. The difference with Curb is each season has an overarching story. There is a lot on randomness and exaggerated moments to L.D.’s life, but each new season has brought a central plot for viewers to follow.

It appears as it the latest season will be no different. Despite its sometimes chaotic nature, Curb has always expertly crafted its stories. Nothing ever seems rushed and the viewer is allowed to savor each moment. While there is no hand holding, the season ten premiere has hinted at what the main story will be. The already wild world of Larry looks like it will be dealing with massive upheaval.

Curb has never shied from dealing with current topics. Though it has always been done in a humorous fashion (“Thank you for your service”) the jokes were also meant as social commentary. ‘Happy New Year’ is no different as it deals with one of the biggest scandals to hit Hollywood in recent years. The show never makes light of the situation and looks like it will be building it into the narrative of the season. It will be interesting to see how the show handles it as it may be the first to ever tackle the issue in this light.

It seems like this season will also be dealing with boundaries and personal space. This is nothing new as one of the cringey trademarks of Curb is how oblivious Larry is. However, attitudes and perceptions have changes since the show’s first episode in 2000 and the comedian has always existed in his own world with its own rules. As this season progresses, it looks like the season will examine if and how Larry can deal with the chaning world.

The episode also saw important characters from previous seasons put into very important roles. The return of these characters seems to be setting up two major stories for the season. One of these shows the ridiculous vindictiveness of Larry that has been seen in the past. The lengths he will go to in order to prove a point have been some of the funniest moments of the show and this one seems no different.

Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 10 Premiere Review: 'Happy New Year'

Throughout Curb’s previous nine season, there has always been one constant in Larry’s life. Sometimes he has seemed uncaring and there have been plenty of ups and downs, but there has been something that has grounded him. This one person added a humanity to him that prevented him from being an outright jerk. This person looks like they may have an increased role in Larry’s life.

The tenth season premiere for Curb Your Enthusiasm shows that the show still has the humor and satire to carry on. While it may seem like the act should get old, it never does. On the contrary, the character becomes more fascinating to watch. The latest season of the show looks like it will be tackling one of the most powerful issues in today’s society. Curb remains funnier, bolder, and ahead of its contemporaries.

Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 10 Premiere Review: 'Happy New Year'
Curb Your Enthusiasm S10 Premiere: 'Happy New Year'
Is it good?
The season premiere takes off running. The episode deals with some serious issues while highlighting Larry's eccentricities.
Laugh out loud funny
The friendship of Larry and Leon is one of the best in television history
Boldly takes on subject matter others would rather bury
Some may feel the show is making light of a real problem

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