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Daredevil #17 Review

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Daredevil #17 Review

The Kitchen has experienced a nice score of riches, but remember there is no free lunch.

Things are starting to pick up quickly with this issue as Matt Murdock finally confronts the Stromwyn siblings. These two are very rich and powerful, and it doesn’t matter which side they are on since they have shut down and beaten Wilson Fisk and now Murdock is not going to be friendly to them and their plans.  This issue is very exciting and continues to make this journey “Through Hell” exciting, even at part seven.

Daredevil #17 Review
Marvel Comics

I’ll start off with the art — Jorge Fornes is just amazing at his craft.  Reading these issues honestly have me feeling what fans of Daredevil must’ve felt like during the Born Again story arc; just beautiful, realistic art inside the world of grim and gritty street heroics.  Jorge’s details are so clean and perfect, it’s like looking at a picture of real life. The energy of the pages has a ’70s vibe to them and it just enhances that noir feeling of the adventures.  Nolan Woodard deserves some credit as well because his colors paint that world beautifully. 

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Daredevil #17 Review
Marvel Comics

It’s wild to see that we are in part seven of this arc and Chip Zdarsky is still making it interesting.  I worry about long arcs, but honestly it seems that Zdarsky is in this series for the long haul so he is making it worth it with each issue and the time in between them.  Character interaction-wise, we have Izzy Libris confront Hammerhead and his actions since they are supposed to be partners in the upcoming struggle for who will be the new Kingpin.  Izzy really puts the hammer down (when you read the issue you’ll see what that means) and this manages to get the attention of the Owl, so this could be setting up for quite the gang/territory war. 

Daredevil #17 Review
Marvel Comics

Foggy and Matt have an interaction as well and it doesn’t seem to be looking too hot for their friendship. Foggy is tired of Matt’s night actions no matter if he is Daredevil or not.  The big moment of the issue came at the start when Matt, as a parole officer, goes to visit Ms. Carraro about her two sons; one is under Matt’s watch as a parole officer and the other son is the one who died at the start of the series because of Matt’s actions.  Ms. Carraro knows the truth about what has happened and she talks very frankly to Matt about it in a touching moment about the guilt we carry and how we can face and forgive others.  The next big moment was the masquerade where Matt finally confronts the Stromwyn siblings and they flat out just tell him their plans and that he won’t be able to stop them.  Matt manages to escape their guards and the wild part is they decide to call in their specialist to help with this problem…I won’t tell you who it is, but now the sequences on some of the covers is starting to make sense and this will be a wild confrontation.  Don’t just get this issue, get this series!

Daredevil #17 Review
Daredevil #17
Is it good?
This issue/series has just been fantastic. We are in an era of Daredevil that is in league with the greatest of the character's history.
True villains that don't need to wear costumes to show how evil they are
Matt is trying his hardest and it just seems to be coming up short, but the drama is worth it for us readers
Phenomial art as always
A touching scene that opens the issue -- do yourself a favor and read it again

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