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'Avenue 5' maximizes its comedic and dramatic potential.


Avenue 5 Season 1 Episode 4 Review: ‘Wait a Minute, Then Who Was On That Ladder’ Review

‘Avenue 5’ maximizes its comedic and dramatic potential.

Warning! Spoilers for Avenue 5 ahead!

The story so far: With tensions on the Avenue 5 building, Clark offers Karen a position as the passenger liaison. In the process, he also tells her more than he should. The unexpected captain is taking on more of a leadership role with each week. Not all of it is intentional – or even wanted – but the change is perceptible. Judd tries to manipulate public sentiment, though he does not get the results he wants.

The end of the previous episode ended on a shocking cliffhanger. The revelation was one of those twists that was not truly hidden, was fairly obvious, and was still an utter surprise. This clever moment was a product of the excellent writing. Nothing is ever thrown in the viewer’s face. It would make sense to question it at some point, but it is subtle enough to where it becomes a non-issue. The best disclosures are the ones that make a person go, “I should have known better” and Avenue 5 is the prefect example.

Now that Clark knows the truth, his reaction is unsurprising. The HBO comedy plays it up for both comedic and dramatic effect. The humor is essentially surface level and will definitely be a focal point as it is explored more. The plot does a great job of playing up Ryan’s attitude towards what has happened. His safety net is gone, so the confidence that had been increasing – especially when he was in positions to be in charge – begins to waiver. There is fear and frustration and possibly even contempt.

In order to assuage his new feelings, Clark decides to get to know some members of the crew better. These moments do a great job of showing how much Clark relies on the help of others. Episode four sees Clark at his most confident. Since he is not in a situation where he is forced to make a decision, he is able to be himself. He is also surrounded by people he feels he can rely on. These scenes show the insecurities of Clark and how assured he can become around others.

'Avenue 5' maximizes its comedic and dramatic potential.

Each passing episode of Avenue 5 has shown how oblivious Judd is to the dangers of the situation. It is not that he is completely blind to what is going on; it is more a case of not wanting to accept the full gravity of the circumstances. The main reason for this is the billionaire’s preoccupation with image and profit. This continues with ‘Wait a Minute…’ as Judd sets up a meet and greet for the sole purpose of making himself look better.

The character is played to the hilt by Josh Gad. In earlier episodes, he is the obnoxious comic relief. He remains funny as the show continues; a strong case can even be made for him being the funniest one on the show. There is definitely a colder side the to the character, however. Whereas the joke was initially about the megalomania of Judd, they are now about how little he cares. This is strong character development done only through the character acting naturally to the situation.

The fourth episode of Avenue 5 focused on character development. The ship is still facing the same dangers, but ‘Wait a Minute, Then Who Was on That Ladder?” is more about how those on board are reacting. This is a well written episode that showcases how people truly feel. The comedy is still there and the danger is constantly lurking, but the show remembers that people are at the center of everything.

Avenue 5 E1 S4: 'Wait a Minute, Then Who Was on That Ladder?'
Is it good?
An episode that deals more with people than the situation. An excellent look at how people handle - or don't- pressure.
Characters are well written
Gad is incredibly funny in a role viewers would rather not laugh at
Too many twists?

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