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The beginning of a new time-hopping adventure!

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Vampirella/Red Sonja #6 Review

The beginning of a new time-hopping adventure!

Our time-tossed heroines find themselves reliving past events and facing new threats from another age! There’s never a dull moment with these two.

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Right off the bat, Jordie Bellaire makes the brilliant decision to pull back the curtain on scenes we have seen previously. I have adored the last two flashback issues, so to see them given even further context was a pleasant surprise. The narration from our two leads is lovely, allowing us another chance to see how the two women see each other.

This is not a knock against the story structure, but I feel like this arc will be so cool to read in trade format. Each issue feels like it flows so naturally from the last, which I greatly appreciate.

The beginning of a new time-hopping adventure!

Even with these moments of reflection, the issue moves at a breakneck pace. In fact, the middle portion of the issue felt like it could have used just a bit more room to breathe. While it’s a solid choice to have the reader feel just as swept along in the chaos as Sonja and Ella, it does have the unfortunate effect of feeling like a fantastic set piece was cut short. The battle with the dragons and the evil wizard could have easily taken up at least a full issue itself.

As it stands, it does feel like the exposition dump gets slightly heavy in the middle of the issue. However, this actually works from a comedic standpoint, as Bellaire shows us just how over this time period Vampirella is. Perhaps we’ll see this time period again? That’s certainly possible, as it seems the Generation Stone has many wonders to show the duo before it lets them rest.

The medieval action sequence is a blast. Drew Moss finally gets to let loose with some wild fantasy illustrations. When I started reading a series set in the ’60s, I didn’t expect to see the ladies throw down with a dragon, but man, I’m so glad we did. Likewise, Rebecca Nalty’s colors bring the fiery action to vibrant life. As brief as this sequence is, it feels appropriately epic.

The rescue sequence in the village is thrilling, with plenty of opportunities for the burden of responsibility to change hands between Sonja and Ella. We’re really getting a feel for how these two keep one another in check, which is super important for a team-up book as it continues. The character development in this series is fantastic, as always.

Without spoiling anything, the final page of this book really seems to bring home what this series will be like going forward. It’s a wild swing and I can’t wait to see what’s next.

Red Sonja/Vampirella #6
Is it good?
This issue uses time travel in some really lovely ways, revisiting past issues in a light. It both deepens what we've seen before and sets us up for an exciting future!
The fantasy sequences are beautifully bonkers
Lends further context to earlier scenes from the series, enriching the story arc for both title characters
The comedic moments really land, particularly in regards to Vampirella's attitude toward being stranded
The middle of the book feels just slightly overstuffed and rushed, but it still kind of works as a comedic beat

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