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Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 7 Episode 4 Recap: 'The Jimmy Jab Games II'


Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 7 Episode 4 Recap: ‘The Jimmy Jab Games II’

The return of the “Jimmy Jab Games” and Charles creates a monster.

Santiago asks her husband for a rendezvous in Terry’s office. Jake still has baby making on his mind so he’s surprised to see his superior officer at his desk. Lieutenant Jeffords informs him that he and Amy will be attending an administration workshop for the NYPD. Since the precinct still hasn’t received a new captain, Peralta’s in charge while they’re gone. He has Terry’s full trust and support to run things smoothly in their absence. Since the squad has reserve parade duty and it will most likely be a slow day, Jake calls for the return of the “Jimmy Jab Games”.


The “Jimmy Jab Games” are the office Olympics with the detectives competing in a series of events and the last person standing is the victor. The winner will receive one day of paid vacation. This is Holt’s first competition and he comes prepared with his game face on and his trash talking on display. He focuses his energy in psyching Diaz out. To make things even more interesting, Jake makes a side bet with Hitchcock to see between the two of them, who will win. The stakes are Peralta’s new car to Hitchcock doing a full year of paperwork. This wager causes Amy to stay and compete as well.

Charles decides to sit this year out in order to be the Games’ host. He has a whole theatrical and musical performance planned throughout inspired by the film, The Greatest Showman. He convinces Holt’s partner, Debbie Fogle, to take his spot. Since the leather jacket in the second episode, Boyle has developed a greater confidence in himself and sees a lot of the old Charles in Debbie. He’s taken it upon himself to serve as her mentor in the competition and to help build her up into something better.

Let’s take a look at the events and results:

1st Event – Meat Tossing Competition where a slice of cold cuts must be thrown and stuck onto the breakroom window – Debbie eliminated after having an allergic reaction to turkey.
2nd Event – Canine Hide & Seek where the crew hide while the K-9 unit learns their scent and the first one found loses – Scully’s lack of imagination for a hiding spot and overt odor is his downfall.
3rd Event – Hellevator – Squeeze way into a crowded elevator filled with files while wearing a bomb suit and the person who doesn’t get in, loses – Amy sacrifices herself so Jake can get in the elevator.
4th Event – Tangled Nightmare – Untangle the chord of a lamp, plug it in and pull yourself to the finish line – RoRo (Rosa) and Holt give up so the latter can comfort the former after her breakup.
Last Event – Office Obstacle Course that include barricade hurdles, a hotdog eating contest and more – Hitchcock (side effects of PED’s) and Jake (2 separate ceiling accidents) are both not doing so well but a shot from Debbie’s EpiPen gives him the boost to win.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 7 Episode 4 Recap: 'The Jimmy Jab Games II'

At the closing ceremonies, Charles gives Debbie the opportunity to sing in front of a crowd fulfilling a lifelong dream. She gains a new sense of worth and feels she can do anything she puts her mind to. Maybe even becoming New York’s next crime lord? She breaks into the evidence locker and steals enough coke and weapons to star her own drug empire.

“The Jimmy Jab Games II” is a callback to season two when we saw the contest for the first time. If you’re going to rehash something from the past, it better maintain or exceed the quality of the previous times. The “Halloween Heists” do this well. The return to this specific competition fell a bit short.   

With Terry finally trusting him with the precinct to wanting Hitchcock to do all his paperwork so he’d potentially have extra time to help with the baby, Jake fears he’s becoming a boring adult. That’s why he makes the bet to show that he still has a bit of recklessness to him. The realization of his growing maturity doesn’t advance Peralta’s character too much and it should be his natural progression anyways, now that he’s ready to start a family.

Meanwhile, Diaz’s situation is flipped from the original games. Before, she was helping Jake out from getting over Amy, and now she’s the one who needs help moving on from a relationship. Her and Holt have always had a special bond because of their experiences and difficulties with coming out and it was a touching scene at the bar as they listened to heavy metal. Though it may not be Raymond’s choice of music, he’s willing to put up with it to help out a friend.

Who could have seen Officer Fogel’s turn in this episode? I thought she’d appear everyone once in a while since she’s Holt’s partner but she could be on her way to being this season’s big bad. She’s got a ton of product to sell and the machine guns to take some turf. It should be interesting how it all plays out since the next episode is entitled, “Debbie”.

My Favorite Lines:

Debbie: I can’t do competitions. I’m anti-dexterous.
Charles: Hmm?
Debbie: It’s when neither hand is good at anything.

Hitchcock: No Jake, it’s a super lame car but I don’t mind. My ex-stepson kicked me out of the house and I need a place to crash with air conditioning.

Charles: Dammit, my pants. Sorry everyone. Look away. Look away.
Jake: Oh damn.
Amy: Whoa. Who knew?
Jake: He really is the greatest showman.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 7 Episode 4 Recap: 'The Jimmy Jab Games II'
Brooklyn Nine-Nine S 7 E 4 "The Jimmy Jab Games II"
Is it good?
Touching personal moments between Rosa and Holt
Surprising twist with Officer Fogel
The return to the games falls a bit short

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