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Toy Fair 2020: Hasbro Star Wars action figure and vehicle reveals

Check out all the Black Series and vintage sets on the way from Hasbro.

We didn’t get a lot of new Star Wars reveals at this year’s New York Toy Fair, but there were a couple of cool items shown at Hasbro’s panel this weekend.

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Black Series Snowspeeder w/ Dak Ralter

As awesome as this looks, I’m honestly not sure where I’d be able to put it–which is probably what most other collectors are thinking, too. That 6″ scale Dak definitely makes this a more tempting purchase, though.

This item is available for preorder at your preferred toy retailer.

Black Series 40th Anniversary Empire Strikes Back Wave

We’ve already known about most of these, but R2-D2, Snowspeeder Luke, and the Hoth Trooper are definitely the stars of the show here.

The entire wave is available for pre-order at your preferred toy retailer.

Black Series Imperial Probe Droid

Another one we already knew about. I’m happy with my 3.75-scale probe droid, but there are definitely a lot of collectors out there who will want this.

Now let’s take a lot at the criminally neglected 3.75-scale Vintage Collection reveals, all of which are available now for pre-order from your preferred toy retailer.

Vintage Collection Power Droid


Vintage Collection Jedi Knight Luke

I’m fine with the older version, but this is a nice upgrade for folks who want it or never got it the first time.

Vintage Collection Slave 1

This, on the other hand, is one upgrade I’m tempted to get. In addition to the improved detail/weathering, it comes with a freaking flight stand!

All snark aside, I was honestly hoping for–maybe even expecting–a lot more Vintage Collection reveals, especially with Mandalorian and Clone Wars being so popular right now. Maybe we’ll see more at San Diego Comi-Con this summer.


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