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Avenue 5 Season 1 Episode 6 Review: 'Was it Your Ears?'


Avenue 5 Season 1 Episode 6 Review: ‘Was it Your Ears?’

‘Avenue 5’ doubles down on the danger.

Warning! Spoilers for Avenue 5 ahead!

The story so far: Frank has become the most hated man on the ship while Clark’s popularity has increased. During what should be his proudest moment since the malfunction, Clark receives bad news in his personal life.  Tensions continue to increase aboard the Avenue 5. The cruise may not be halfway home, but that does not stop Judd and the passengers from celebrating anyway. Rav Mulcair decides it is time to involve the President.

Last episode saw the show focus more on characters than the imminent danger. ‘Was it Your Ears?’ not only goes back to the trials of the Avenue 5, it doubles down on what everyone is going through. The sixth episode of the HBO comedy has been the most tense of the debut season. The escalating tensions are shown immediately as essential members of the crew want Judd to be held more accountable. This includes some very nefarious suggestions.

For his part, Judd finds himself confronting a new enemy. One of the best running jokes of Avenue 5 has been Judd’s megalomania. This reaches new heights as he decides to face the problems of his ship with a two pronged attack. This includes planning to take on the newcomer and – unsurprisingly – cleaning up his image. Of course, while trying to fix his relationship with the passengers, he trivializes the latest issues the ship has encountered.

Avenue 5’s latest problem is the scariest thing that has been dealt with yet. The writers do a good job of adding a new layer of desperation to the show while keeping things incredibly funny. It is an odd mix of hopelessness and humor that should contradict, but actually make the episode one of the strongest of the season. It separates the episode from the rest but still progresses the plot.

Avenue 5 Season 1 Episode 6 Review: 'Was it Your Ears?'

One of the most interesting aspects of the show is seeing how people will react. The passengers have know idea how things are going to turn out and have to face their mortality daily. Their lives are completely in the hands of others and the best they can do is ignore their current situation. Episode six adds a shocking moral dilemma to Avenue 5. Again, the writers deserve credit for never compromising the gravity of the situation in the name of laughs.

The end of the show was a nice change of pace. It was talked about the whole episode and in a sense, has been built up the entire season. It is a humorous ending that fits in perfectly with what has happened since Avenue 5 debuted. It also came suddenly. The passengers had just learned a big secret. The mutiny that has been teased the entire series was about to come to a head. The end of the episode is the classic case of going out with a whimper instead of a bang.

‘Was it Your Ears?’ is one of the funnier episodes of Avenue 5’s first season. The show effortlessly weaves laughs and hopelessness in impressive fashion. The show takes viewers through a myriad of emotions without ever being confusing. The writers also do a great job of never downplaying the extreme danger of the situation. Avenue 5 is not perfect, but it contains some of the strongest writing on television.

Avenue 5 S1 E 6: 'Was it Your Ears?'
Is it good?
A strong episode that mixes danger and comedy. The writing stands out in one of the best episodes of the first season.
Great mix of humor and despair
The danger keeps escalating but never seems ridiculous
Sudden ending

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