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Basketful of Heads #5 Review

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Basketful of Heads #5 Review


By now, June Branch is truly regretting ever coming to Brody Island. Her boyfriend Liam is still missing, she’s lopped off the heads of two escaped convicts with a magical battle axe, and she’s being held captive by Hank Clausen, the chief of police’s son. But why? Joe Hill and Leomacs’ horror/thriller Basketful of Heads #5 fills in the blanks on a whole lot of details readers have been craving since the first issue.

Just when you think you have everything figured out, Hill and Leomacs pull the rug right out from under you. The fifth issue finally fills the reader in on just what the hell is happening on Brody Island. In the old school traditions of villains from the ’90s and early 2000s, Hank Clausen, the chief of police’s son, turns out not to be the friendly chap we thought he was. Hank takes the lead this issue with a villainous monologue where he lays down everything that’s going on to June. The only thing we don’t get is more info on the mystery behind the majestic axe June swings. Nevertheless, issue #5 is a nice touch to let readers know that sh*t is about to hit the proverbial fan in the last two issues. 

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The writing builds up a lot of wonderfully intense moments where unfortunately June gets the short end of the stick. Whereas the previous issues saw her able to slip away from her captives easily because of her trusty axe, here she has to think more strategically. The end result is an engaging, nail-biting thrill ride that all takes place in a police station. One of the best things about the issue is how the pacing allows the reader to be kept in the dark regarding predictability. 

The Art

Leomacs continues to bring the terror, spunk, and horror elements that work as a cohesive machine to Hill’s impeccable script. His intense use of facial expressions among June and Hank throughout are perfectly executed. He also does a great job with his transitions from present-day events and the flashback story tied in. You’ll fall in love with every page of this magnificent issue.

The Verdict

Basketful of Heads #5 takes the jokes off the table and really gets serious. June has proven herself a worthy fighter up to this point. There’s no question that we haven’t even seen the best this series has to offer with two more issues to go before the ending. Make sure to catch up on this great series if you haven’t already.

Basketful of Heads #5 Review
Basketful of Heads #5
Is it good?
Basketful of Heads #5 sheds a lot of light on the conspiracy that June Branch is trapped in Brody Island.
Incredible, intense illustrations
Filled with information

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