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Batman #90 review

Comic Books

Batman #90 review

Batman, the Designer and Catwoman cross paths in the latest issue of Batman.

Batman #90 is by far the most intriguing approach writer James Tynion has taken in his Batman run. It’s also the most concise and well-executed voice because the story is not as bifurcated within its narrative execution. Tynion has finally showed his cards in regards to his method of myth-making and subverting the reader’s expectations. It is an odd sense of playing a show and then take-away with Tynion.

Batman #90 review

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Catwoman has become a stand-out character for this run. There is also an interesting addition to the Rogue’s Gallery with the oddly garish master-criminal called the Designer. Yes the Designer, a character we’ve been hearing about throughout Tynion’s run and whose great introduction was seeing him have a D as his mask. I wonder if Daredevil will take some cues off this character? More interesting was the idea that the Designer had some form of a swashbuckling adventure that was a corollary with what Sean Gordon Murphy has been doing with his Curse of the White Knight book. It is a cool image and parallel, but to have this major villain get snuffed out in anti-climactic fashion wasn’t the best move for Tynion. And yet, he managed to keep me excited to actually read the next issue. Personally, I’m not a huge fan of there being so many characters jam-packed with almost 18 pages of story, but this is the issue that gave payoff in a series that has been more on ideas than in execution.

Batman #90 review

Graced with the art of Jorge Jimenez, this book executes despite average panel layouts. Moreso, it is interesting linework that he offers, yet still maintains an odd quirk signaling of the comic book industry (One that my previous reviews have exhaustively focused on). Truth be told, this was the issue that gave faith in Tynion’s run. Not because of Bruce Wayne, but because of Selina Kyle.

Batman #90 review

Batman #90
Is it good?
Fun addition to the lore of Gotham
Focused on one character, lessens the schizophrenic narratives.
Moody scenes that really parallel well with the narrative
T&A drawings
Still upholds the oddities of the plot Tynion has made with the factions of Batman's Rogue's Gallery

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