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Movies (and a Return) that will drive you crazy


Movies (and a Return) that will drive you crazy

Films that make you think a little too much.

Movies can make you feel a number of emotions. A great film can make a person go through an emotional gauntlet. Then there are the ones that refuse to leave you alone. Not only will they make you feel happy or mad or scared – or all of them at once!- they will also make you think. So much so you may even wish you never saw them. Here are some movies that may make you insane.


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Horror movies are supposed to scare you and even make you feel a little paranoid. Director Ari Aster’s second pic also confuses you while having you cherish your freedom. Midsommar completely removes any sense of time leaving the audience disoriented. It is an odd and terrifying feeling unlike any other film. It is also a sensation you will never want to go through again.


Endings can make or break a movie. Just ask M. Night Shyamalan. The best ones stay with you forever while you try to figure out what happened. Director Christopher Nolan’s Inception messes with the audience’s minds from the beginning. What is real and what’s a dream? Nolan leaves that up to the audience. The last scene will make your head spin.

Fight Club 

Another memorable ending from a rare movie that is better than the book it was adapted from. David Fincher spends the entire movie letting the audience think they are in on what is going on. Fight Club is about an insecure man who tries to better himself with the help of a friend. Along the way the plot throws ideas like masculinity and independence at you. The story is already talkable before its twist ending makes it unforgettable.

Twin Peaks: The Return

A Rolling Stone review flashed over a scene of headlights on a lonely road. It said: “It will f--k you up.” I thought that was a little extreme. After watching the first episode of Twin Peaks: The Return, I thought that review was a bit much, but then the series unfolded and it certainly left an impression. It may have been the  anticipation of waiting to be back in the original world of Twin Peaks, “a place both wonderful and strange.” It may have been that so many questions remain unanswered, but overall what messed with my head was the nightmare imagery, the prevalence of evil, and so many riddles. There were unrelenting woodsmen, tulpas, and an already enigmatic show became more steeped in mystery. And just as you thought you were satisfied with the ending, David Lynch pulled the rug out from under you again.

A Clockwork Orange

A twisted morality tale, this Stanley Kubrick classic is more than just the inspiration for Halloween costumes. The movie asks a very serious question. Is a person who does the right things for fear of consequences truly a good person? In the case of Alex, there appears to be a clear answer. But what about the rest of us who don’t want to go to Hell, prison, or be punished by our parents? 



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