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Motherland: Fort Salem Season One Episode Two Review: ‘My Witches’

New friends and rivals are introduced and we learn there are plenty of witches that should not be trusted.

We have seen many television shows about witches, of both evil and good persuasion. All of these witch shows from Bewitched to The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, highlight many facets of witch lore while introducing a new spin on an ever changing figure. Motherland: Fort Salem submits a new iteration of the witch. Motherland: Fort Salem does not pose the question of what if witches joined the army, but rather what if witches were the army? The new series, created by Eliot Laurence, adds a new twist to witch lore. Both supernatural with some new age elements, Motherland: Fort Salem is an ultramodern show that is off to a promising start. 

What do we know about America and witches? History shows America’s early settlers were not particularly kind to anyone who was considered different and took some extreme steps, like accusing people of witchcraft and murdering them if found guilty. In this alternate history, accused witches struck a bargain with the government that stated that witches would be allowed to live as they choose and in exchange they would use their powers to fight for the country. They are summoned once they reach enlistment age and a witch can swear in with some magic words. 

Episode two, “My Witches” follows up on the tensions set up in the pilot “Say the Words.” The Spree are still at large and plotting bigger attacks throughout the world. Abigail and Raelle are still at odds, but Tally is trying to keep the peace among her unit.  They do, however manage to get the unit strong enough to perform a chant at such an advanced level that Anacostia is impressed. New friends and rivals are introduced and we learn there are plenty of witches that should not be trusted. “My Witches” is a fun episode that shows Tally really showing her strengths as a leader and her commitment to the cause. A witch celebration brings together witches and provides a chance to blow off steam. 

The show features some impressive special effects for this world of magic. Effects with sound amplified voices during chants result in excellent visuals in a particularly intense training session.   It will be interesting to see how the effects are used later in the show as the witches move up in ranks through the army, and presumably, learn or develop new powers. 



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