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‘Bored’ Review: Strange times call for strange behavior

Bored is funny, heartbreaking, and shows that life goes on in the middle of global chaos. 

We’ve all been there. At one time or another our native country has elected a fascist leader and called for some extreme fascist measures. Bored takes place in the wake of Brexit and political upheaval ruffling the global fabric. Jamie and Eve go out for a night of fun to a party whose host wants to take everyone’s mind off of politics. Alternating between fast paced and drunkenly slow, Bored captures the emotional extremes of a party gone on too long.

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National tensions are high, but the party is wild and everyone is drunk. It is clear that Jamie and Eve are best friends. They know a lot about each other and even though they are surrounded by people, it is evident that they could be the only two at the party and still have the best time. Directed by Georgia Oakley, the restlessness of the evening is captured by watching Jamie and Eve party well past they were ready to call it a night. Cutting between music, laughter, and duller moments of the night illustrate that the night has gone past its expiration date. Events leading up to the ending are not shown and this is very clever, given the aftermath and confusion of the emotional event.

Coral Amiga (Jamie) and Nicole Hartley (Eve) give great performances. They have excellent comedic timing and wonderful chemistry between each other. Before the festival’s cancellation, Bored was set to premiere at SXSW. Bored is funny, heartbreaking, and shows that life goes on in the middle of global chaos.


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