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Shudder’s ‘Cursed Films’ looks at horror, reality, what we want to believe, and…curses

Why are cursed films so interesting?

Streaming horror channel Shudder is bringing together curses, urban legends, and horror movies. Premiering April 2, 2020 is a five part docu series called Cursed Films. As the title suggests, the series is about movies that are supposedly cursed. The subject has always been an interesting one to fans of the macabre. Talking about the misfortunes of a film or franchise was always a great conversation starter. The internet only made the discussions livelier.

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The usual suspects are covered during Cursed Films. From Poltergeist to The Twilight Zone: The Movie the show visits some of the most seemingly jinxed productions of all time. Want to know the truth about the skeletons on the shooting of Poltergeist? What about the surprising feelings most associated with The Omen have regarding the many odd coincidences during the shooting of the iconic movie? The Shudder docu series delves into these questions.

What separates the show from standard break room talk is how far the series is willing to look into the what and why people are willing to believe. More than just a documentary series that repeats a death toll that can be found online, Cursed Films tries to explain why so many are willing to believe in curses instead of coincidences. This is truly where the strength of the show lies. The already intriguing premises becomes more layered and engaging.

Cursed Films has the expected interviews that give it further credibility. The talking heads in the series include podcasters, collectors, skeptics, and those who believe in the occult. It is a fitting group when talking about movie productions that may have been set upon by an unholy curse. But when the interviewees include names such as famed director Richard Donner, the show is given a whole new level of credibility.

The first episode of Cursed Films is scheduled to premiere on Shudder on April 2, 2020 with a look at The Exorcist.


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