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'The Exoricst' is remembered for a number of reasons.


Cursed Films Premiere: What ‘The Exorcist’ curse means to us

‘The Exoricst’ is remembered for a number of reasons.

The Exoricst is tailor made for urban legends. A movie about a young girl possessed by a demon is destined to be cursed, right? Shudder’s new docuseries looks at the likeliness of a jinxed film production. It also explores why people will listen. Cursed Films is the streaming horror channel’s latest original series. The show looks at movies that seemed to have some sort of evil spell put on it. The premiere episode looks at one of the most iconic horror movies of all time.

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The least interesting part of the episode may be the issues connected to the film’s production. This is not to say they are not fascinating. On the contrary, many may not realize The Exorcist had such a troubled of production. Hearing the stories of what transpired will captivate all audiences. This is made especially interesting by the interviews with those involved with the filming of the movie.

Director Jay Cheel spends a little time on these issues associated with the making of the movie. This is a wise decision. It will definitely grab attention to hear what happened during the shooting. However, this is the kind of talk that can be easily found on the Internet by interested parties. The meat of the episode is when the show takes a deeper look at people.

'The Exoricst' is remembered for a number of reasons.

The most intriguing parts of Cursed Films are when the show examines society as a whole. At this point, the show  goes from looking at a movie to looking at us. These moments are captivating and unbelievable. The docuseries does a great job of showing the lengths people will go to believe. The stories of the movie are the hook that will bring viewers in; the examination of why will make them want to stay.

Cursed Films is a fun premise that will draw in more than horror fans. A series of episodes based around movies that are supposedly cursed would be neat enough on its own. The show adds an additional layer by examining people. The show becomes an exploration of beliefs and why they are important. It is a great idea that makes a good show a great one.

Shudder is offering a free 30 day trial. There is no reason to not watch this show.

Cursed Films E1: The Exorcist
Is it good?
More than just a show about cursed horror movies, the episode explores why these fears are so important to us.
Great interviews, including Linda Blair
Great mix of movie trivia and psychological exploration
If you are just interested in hearing set stories about 'The Exorcist' you will be disappointed

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