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Motherland: Fort Salem Season One Episode Three Review: 'A Biddy's Life'
MOTHERLAND: FORT SALEM - "Say the Words" - Three witches join basic training at Fort Salem where they'll prepare for the front lines, fighting looming terrorist threats with supernatural tactics and weapons. "Motherland: Fort Salem" series premiere airs on Wednesday, March 18, at 9:00p.m. ET/PT on Freeform. (Freeform/David Bukach) ASHLEY NICOLE WILLIAMS, JESSICA SUTTON


Motherland: Fort Salem Season One Episode Three Review: ‘A Biddy’s Life’

‘A Biddy’s Life’ brings new insight into the life cycle of a witch, sexy rituals, and intrigues of the past.

It’s time for another witchy gathering as the soldiers of Fort Salem gather for the sacred ritual of Beltane. The arrival of boys sends the young witches into a hormone spiral, especially Tally, whose apparently never seen a member of the opposite sex before.  Motherland: Fort Salem’s third episode titled ‘A Biddy’s Life’ brings new insight into the life cycle of a witch, sexy rituals, and intrigues of the past.

The story so far:

Tally has been working to keep Raelle and Abigail’s issues at bay. A unit can only progress if all witches in the unit are successful, which is incentive enough for Abigail, but Raelle is not sure if that matters to her. Tally has been instrumental in getting Raelle and Abigail to get over themselves and work towards their higher goals and the witches have seen first hand that they are indeed stronger together. Raelle has been growing closer to Scylla, who remains mysterious about herself.  Abigail has beef with Libba Swythe that dates back to childhood and they both get a kick out of publicly humiliating each other. Higher in the ranks, General Alder and the others are dealing with the ever growing danger of The Spree and one soldier takes a significant and personal loss.

Motherland: Fort Salem Season One Episode Three Review: 'A Biddy's Life'

‘A Biddy’s Life’ shows all the witches in high spirits and ready to partake in the rituals of Beltane. It is alluded that it’s an anything goes type of event and sexuality can play a major role in strengthening powers. Tally, Raelle, and Abigail are finally united in their excitement to take part in Beltane, especially after excelling at another powerful spell. Scylla is confronted by someone from her past and Tally makes a new friend.

‘A Biddy’s Life’ is a fun episode that features some fun dynamics between the characters. Ashley Nicole Williams who plays Abigail Bellweather has excellent chemistry with Sarah Yarkin, who plays her rival Libba Swythe. Their verbal jabs and showboating are hilarious and the two actresses seem to be enjoying their shared screen time.  Tally (Jessica Sutton) continues to charm her classmates with her honest sense of duty and innocence. The usually broody Raelle (Taylor Hickson) joins in on the lightness of the episode. While there are some fun and carefree moments, this episode also takes a more somber and menacing tone as dangers arise and there is unrest in the rankings. Special effects continue to impress with the varied and creative use of magic in the storyline.

‘A Biddy’s Life’ propels the story forward and reinforces the tensions that were already established. The episode entertains while building character and intriguing backstories.

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