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Sabrina: Something Wicked #1 Review

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Sabrina: Something Wicked #1 Review

Just when we needed some magic, Sabrina returns!

I’m a little late to this one, thanks to the world being a little scary right now. Luckily for us, the first issue of Sabrina: Something Wicked is currently available digitally. And it’s a fantastic first issue, welcoming readers back into the ongoing adventures of our favorite teenage witch.

Our characters have all evolved a bit since we’ve last seen them. Sabrina has a whole lot more confidence, though it’s tempered by her latest challenges. She’s still the relatable and lovable girl we know from the previous miniseries, but she’s got an inner strength to her that makes us want to see her succeed more than ever.

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Kelly Thompson’s script balances the teen drama and the humor exceptionally well. All of the dialogue feels perfectly real and natural, even the lines coming from the mouth of a talking cat. Veronica and Andy Fish make every panel of this book pop beautifully, even though it’s lighter on the giant monsters than the previous miniseries (at least so far). To top it all off, Jack Morelli’s lettering is a joy, particularly during some of the more intense incantations.

Sabrina: Something Wicked #1 Review
Archie Comics

Right off the bat, the creative team lets readers know that the kid gloves are off. The previous miniseries was unafraid of putting characters in deadly situations, but this first issue goes straight for some horror visuals.

The rest of the book goes into Sabrina’s difficulties in balancing the stresses of her witch training and typical high school drama. There are a few fun new threads in the story that feel like logical expansions on what we learned in the previous miniseries. At the same time, the book still feels open enough that folks who missed the first miniseries can still follow along. The exposition never feels too dense, giving us just enough to refresh us on some of the finer points of the previous miniseries.

For the folks who did read the previous miniseries, it feels immediately inviting. The characters are so well defined that it feels like we’re catching up with our friends after a summer vacation.

And honestly, that’s the thing that made me the most excited to finally dive into this first issue. In many ways, this is like a comfort book for me. I so loved the previous Sabrina miniseries. As weird as the real world is, I’m very glad to see things in Sabrina’s neck of the woods are just as magical as ever.

I hope we don’t have to wait too terribly long to find out what happens next. For now, I intend to give this issue another read and enjoy being back in this world.

Sabrina: Something Wicked #1 Review
Sabrina: Something Wicked #1 Review
Sabrina: Something Wicked #1
'Something Wicked' is the blast of positive magical energy that we desperately need right now. It's so good to see Sabrina back in action.
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The characters are so well-defined and the continue to grow in subtle ways
The dialogue is fun and snappy
The book looks beautiful and the artwork goes to some dark and unexpected places

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