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Really Dumb Pop Culture Questionnaire: Cullen Bunn

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Really Dumb Pop Culture Questionnaire: Cullen Bunn

A fun and frivolous way to better understand your favorite creators.

Welcome to another edition of our Really Dumb Pop Culture Questionnaire. As its name might suggest, it’s a fun and frivolous way for creators to share their most asinine opinions on all things pop culture. Because being dumb doesn’t mean something still isn’t valuable. (Usually.)

For this edition, we quizzed Cullen Bunn, the writer of, among many other things, Harrow County, Star Wars, Fear Itself, Sinestro, and Conan the Slayer. For even more of Bunn’s horror goodness, be sure to follow him on Twitter @cullenbunn.

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(Editor’s Note: If you haven’t already, check out Bunn’s interview on the forthcoming Shadowman series). 

Really Dumb Pop Culture Questionnaire: Cullen Bunn

You have to cast one comic character into a famous book — who do you pick and why?

Well, I kind of already did this. In Deadpool Killustrated, I had Deadpool pop into dozens of classic books with bloody results. That said, why not cast some comic book billionaires—Bruce Wayne and/or Tony Stark—into The Great Gatsby? I’d love to see those guys rubbing elbows with some Jazz Age elites!

You wake up one day in one of your own comics. Which do you choose and why?

Harrow County. It would remind me of some of the places I lived growing up. And… I might have a haint familiar of my own!

Would you rather live in the Nightmare on Elm Street or Friday the 13th universe?

The key to that question is that I’m gonna “live” in that universe… not get butchered! Ha! I’ve beat you at your own game! That said, I’d pick Nightmare on Elm Street, because I want some of those cool Dream Warrior powers!

What’s the one thing you’d change about Green Lantern to make him a villain?

This time, he’s GREEN… with envy!

What’s one pop culture franchise you say you love but either hate or have never seen?

I don’t think I’ve ever claimed to love something that I hate. If I really hate some book or comic or show or movie, I might keep that to myself, especially if my friends love it. I mean, who am I to bash the things they love? But I’m certainly not going to tell them I love it, either. That’s how you end up getting commemorative plates every Christmas for some show you can’t stand!

Would you rather live in Metropolis or on Amity Island (Jaws)? Why?

Now, hold on. Why did you feel the need to tell me what Amity Island was from but not what Metropolis was from? I really feel like there’s a lot to unpack in how you asked me this question! First of all, do you really think I don’t know Amity Island? Do you just assume I know Metropolis?


I pick Amity Island. I’ve always liked coastal towns, and there’s something about the town in Jaws (aside from the shark and the dingbat mayor) that I’ve always found really charming. Just a few weeks ago, I was re-watching Jaws, and I said to myself I’d love to be an islander there. I think I’d even be OK with all the tourists! And I’d love taking my boat out every now and again… as long as Bruce keeps his distance.

You’re a superhero — what’s your one ability/power (and why)?

Regeneration, because I’m always hurting myself. Also, those regeneration types seem to be near immortal, and I’m a fan of living forever.

What’s the one piece of art that you wish you could claim authorship of?

Boy’s Life by Robert R. McCammon. Absolutely my favorite novel. So great on so many levels.

What’s the one book Moon Knight has on his bedside table?

Hahahahaha! One book! You know that guy can’t decide on just ONE book!

What’s the one song that describes you as a writer/creator?

“I Am A Man of Constant Sorrow” by the Soggy Bottom Boys.

Or maybe “Break My Stride” by Matthew Wilder.

Or “The Touch” by Stan Bush.

I’m like Moon Knight when it comes to my song choice.

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