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TV Picks 5 11 2020


Channel Surfing: Awesome TV Picks for the week of 05/11/2020

A Kimmy Schmidt special, She-Ra and a post-apocalyptic, dystopian thriller.

This week’s Channel Surfing TV picks feature a pair of Netflix originals and an acclaimed graphic novel/movie adaptation. Kimmy Schmidt proves again why she’s unbreakable as she takes on the Reverend in an all new interactive special. Watch the fate of Etheria unfold in the final season of She-Ra and the Princesses of Power. Then witness the class warfare, social injustice and politics on the Snowpiercer.

Choose Your Own Adventure

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The last episode of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt aired over a year ago. Fans of the Netflix original can be happy that they receive one last story in the upcoming special, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: Kimmy vs. the Reverend. It is set to premiere on Tuesday, May 12.

The whole gang come back together as the titular character is about to be married. However, before she can tie the knot, her nemesis, the Reverend has devised a new evil plan. Kimmy must once again step up and save the day. In this interactive special, the viewer can decide our protagonist’s next move. With so many different outcomes, it more than guarantees multiple viewings.

For the Honor of Grayskull!

The beloved animated series, She-Ra and the Princesses of Power, is a reboot of a popular children’s cartoon featuring a different version of the titular character. The next season, set to debut this May 15 on Netflix, will be its last. Throughout the run, showrunner, Noelle Stevenson, has brought the same charm, multilayered characters and complicated relationships you can find in her graphic novels and comics.

When we last left our heroes, Adora made a huge sacrifice to save Etheria. With the arrival of Horde Prime and his forces imminent, can she recover and save her planet? We’ll have to wait and see how the final season turns out.

Hop on Board the Future Express

The world of Snowpiercer was first introduced in the French graphic novel of the same name. Over 20 years later, Bong Joon-Ho brought the post-apocalyptic dystopian thriller to the big screen. Now, we’ll receive a television version this Sunday, May 17, on TNT, that reboots the movie’s continuity.

The last remnants of humanity are on board a perpetually moving train called the Snowpiercer. They live through a new ice age that was caused by a failed attempt at solving global warming. Much like any society, the train’s inhabitants are separated from the haves and have nots. Then a shocking discovery threatens to upset the balance. Check out a review of the first episode by our very own, Michael Rosch.

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