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Crude Comics' Texas Death Trippin'


Crude Comics proves horror can still be fun

‘Texas Death Trippin’ and ‘Headcheese: The Movie’ prove horror can still be fun.

Many people will state that horror movies are better today. Films like Get Out and Midsommar have caused people to debate whether the genre is in the midst of a renaissance. Each individual will have their own opinions on the state of horror, but one thing is difficult to argue against. Horror movies are just not as fun as they used to be.

One company that has continued to keep horror fun is Crude Comics. The indie comic company has released stories about Nazis, zombies, and mysterious beasts. In 2019, the company branched out into low budget horror movies. Texas Death Trippin’ was their first attempt. It is an enjoyable horror comedy. The movie wears its influences on its sleeve. There is the obvious nod to the classic Texas Chainsaw Massacre. It also is indebted to stoner and road trip movies. The comedy is very familiar and, in a way, comforting.

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Most importantly, the movie never forgets to have fun. Texas Death Trippin’ has its fair share of blood and gore without ever forgetting an essential part of many scary movies. It contains a charm that cult classics like Basket Case have used to build a strong fan base. Many fans remember the gross out favorites of their youth thanks to the humor that is instilled.

The same can be said of the soon the be released Axe-tended Cut. Many longer editions of films can end up being tedious. There is a reason the footage was left on the cutting room floor to begin with. Here, the movie never loses what made it so enjoyable to begin with. (It should be noted, that horror comedy is better in shorter doses.)

Headcheese The Movie is the next logical step for Crude Comics. The film stars Richie Ramone (yes, that one) as himself. Richie is temporarily working in a small town on his way to the next big location. A troll infestation makes things a little more difficult than planned.The movie is a silly as it sounds, but sometimes that is the point. This is not a movie concerned with giving a nuanced story. It is a throwback to the B horror of the 1980s that is all about the laughs.

That being said, Headcheese takes more wrists then Texas Death Trippin’. The movie uses animation and some scenes resemble LSD flashbacks. The movie has a very haphazard feel to it. This leads to some overly long scenes and others that suffer from randomness. Ultimately, they do not ruin the enjoyment and the film does end up being some gory fun.

Nonsensical humor has been long been a staple of horror. The high quality of today’s horror films is not a new thing. Films like Rosemary’s Baby and The Shining paved the way for high end scary movies. Today’s seem to lack the charm of years past, however.  With Texas Death Trippin’ and Headcheese: The Movie, Crude Comics has shown there is still a place for good old fashion silliness in today’s horror movies.

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