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Killing Eve 3.6.1
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Killing Eve Season 3 Episode 6 Recap: ‘End of Game’

Villanelle get her promotion, Konstantin makes a hasty escape and Eve’s got bowling skills.


Killing Eve so Far

In a Villanelle centric episode, she catches up with her long-lost family in small town Russia. Though the reunion starts off well and she receives the genuine love and affection she sought, things quickly turn sour between her and her mom. We now catch back up with the investigation of The Twelve and the aftermath after Dasha’s vicious assault on Nico.

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After being stabbed in the neck, Nico somehow survives the attack. Eve visits her husband at the hospital where she is scolded and blamed by her father in law. When she finally gets some alone time with her spouse, he communicates via a machine to “Piss off forever”.

Since she is rebuked by her husband, Eve buries herself in the investigation. She can’t believe that Villanelle would go after Nico and hypothesizes someone is framing the assassin. The key is figuring out who is behind the gymnastics kill in the season premiere. With the help of Bitter Pill, she tracks down Dasha in Barcelona.

Before traveling, Eve visits Carolyn to learn all she can about this woman of interest. The MI6 agent warns her that Dasha was the best KGB killer of her time until she murdered one of their own. That doesn’t deter Eve and she confronts her target in a bowling alley. The two partake in a friendly game while interrogating the other. Based off of the reaction when she brings up Nico’s attack, Eve gathers who the real culprit is. Dasha replies that Villanelle is moving up in the world and won’t have time for Eve anymore then threatens her life.

Second Thoughts

Elsewhere, Villanelle is still shaken up after her family reunion last week when she meets the mystery representative from The Twelve we were previously introduced to. Her name is Helene and she is there to personally congratulate Villanelle for her promotion to “Keeper”. Then she immediately hands over a postcard with the next assignment, which is a politician in Romania. Despite the new position, Villanelle feels nothing has changed.

She pays Konstantin a visit while he watches his daughter’s hockey game. Villanelle tells him how meeting her family went and he becomes concerned with her more erratic behavior. She then expresses her concerns with The Twelve and she wants her handler to bring her when he leaves the secret organization. He asks her if she’s ready to give up her life of luxury with the apartments and clothes or if she’s willing to cut off Eve from her life forever. Then he promises that he’ll call for her once he and Irina make it out since it might arouse suspicion if they all go M.I.A.

Eventually, Villanelle takes the Romania job and poses as a hairstylist to get close. She modifies a hair dryer to electrocute the politician but is stabbed in the scuffle. Back at the hotel, Dasha meets up with her and helps stitch her up. Frustrated, Villanelle declares she wants out and doesn’t want to kill anymore.

Killing Eve 3.6.2
Photo: Laura Radford/BBCAmerica/Sid Gentle

A Mole in MI6

Carolyn meets with a contact who gives her Kenny’s call records. It’s suspicious that her son called a Russian number several times the night of his murder. Before he leaves, the contact informs her that he emailed this information to her a week ago and was surprised to hear she never received it.

Only a number of people have the ability to disrupt Carolyn’s emails and one of them happens to be the man providing oversight on her activities. She calmly accuses Paul about being part of The Twelve while he counters with an accusation of his own. Their general mistrust of each other leads to a standstill.

We see that Carolyn’s instincts are right when Paul shows up uninvited at Konstantin’s house. He relays to the Russian that Kruger may be a dead end but whoever killed his wife may be the one who stole from the Geneva account and they want Konstantin to find that person.

Joy Riding

Villanelle tries another approach in convincing Konstantin to take her with him. She tries to sweet talk Irina hoping she will put in a good word with her father. The young teen plays hooky (which is becoming a habit) to go joy riding with her former kidnapper. Villanelle tries to poke and prod the younger Vasiliev and learns they plan to escape to Cuba.

Meanwhile, Konstantin goes on a ride of his own when Carolyn goes to pick him up. He was the person Kenny called the night he died. She confronts him with all this information and he says Kenny was asking if he was his father but he couldn’t tell him for sure. That’s not the only connection the Russian has with her family. Apparently, Geraldine came onto him when he was observed leaving Carolyn’s home in episode four. After getting the answers she wanted, Carolyn drops Konstantin off in the middle of the highway.

At home, Geraldine once again argues with her mom about her coldness and inability to connect with her daughter. Carolyn concedes that they are all each other have now but calls out Gerald’s lack of honesty and brings up her romance with Konstantin.

Speaking of, his meeting with Paul accelerates his plans to flee Europe. He contacts his daughter with their secret phrase and she makes her preparations. When Konstantin shows up at Irina’s house, she is waiting behind the wheel of a car. Her stepdad goes outside to take out the trash and she runs him over with a sinister smile on her face. Konstantin can only look back in horror.

Killing Eve Season 3 Episode 6 Recap: 'End of Game'
Photo: Laura Radford/BBCAmerica/Sid Gentle

The Verdict

Killing Eve has a tendency to be a slow burn and can spend episodes setting up for later. “End of Game” is no exception, however, the reveals keep the story compelling. We learn that Paul is on the Twelve payroll, not to mention all the bombs in Carolyn and Konstantin’s road trip. That’s a complicated family dynamic with him possibly being Kenny’s father while also being hit on by his sister.

It is also interesting to see Villanelle’s evolution after last week. Someone who was so carefree and took joy in the creativity of her kills is reaching a breaking point. She is still rattled after murdering her mom and finds out things aren’t really different now that she’s a Keeper. Her heart is no longer in her job and she is seriously considering leaving the life behind.

The Dasha and Eve scene is so on par with the show. It’s a confrontation in the making and it all takes place in a bowling alley. Eve can come off as a bumbling idiot as opposed to suave superspy but here, she gets a real boss moment. Through her mind games she practically gets Dasha to admit to attacking Nico. Her actual game is on point too bowling strike after strike by haphazardly tossing the ball down the lane. She seals the hustle by throwing a final strike with perfect approach and form.

The only main complaint of the episode is the timeline can be a little off and confusing to follow. Although it’s not explicitly revealed how much time progresses between scenes, some come off on the screen as if they’re happening immediately after another. With all these different locations such as London, Barcelona, Romania and Russia, it’s hard to believe the characters are able to travel so quickly.

Killing Eve Season 3 Episode 6 Recap: 'End of Game'
Killing Eve S 3 E 6: 'End of Game'
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Compelling reveals overcome the slow burn of the episode.
Interesting to see Villanelle's evolution.
Eve has a boss moment in a bowling alley of all places.
Confusing timeline brings up the validity of the characters traveling so far so fast.

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