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Hasbro teases stunning X-Men Sentinel Marvel Legends action figure on May 22nd livestream

Hasbro unveils a teaser for what looks like an X-Men Sentinel action figure.

X-Men fans have a little more to get excited about today even after the Marauders preview dropped earlier today. Today, Hasbro unveiled a whole bunch of new action figures on the way soon which include an Apocalypse figure, Retro Spider-Man and Daredevil figures, and even an A.I.M. Trooper action figure. Customary of Hasbro panels at conventions, the creative team had to tease a little something at the end of their presentation and it’s a big action figure wanted by fans for some time.

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When I say big, I mean literally big, as product designer Dwight Stall placed a Wolverine and Jubilee figure in front of the camera to prepare us for the actual size of the Sentinel figure on the way. Yes that’s right, a huge Sentinel figure is on the way from the Hasbro Marvel Legends team.

Here’s a screengrab of the reveal:

X-Men Sentinel

Given how iconic Jubilee and Wolverine are when fighting Sentinals (see below) that has to be an early look at a Sentinel’s leg, right?

X-Men Sentinel

Marvel Comics

Sometime soon we can all relive this iconic scene from Wolverine #74 in our bedrooms. It was once a dream, but soon it will be a reality!

X-Men Sentinels

Marvel Comics

You can watch the stream for yourself if you missed it earlier today.


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