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‘Mythic Quest: Quarantine’ episode review: we’re all in this together

The Mythic Quest team is locked down just like everyone else, but the show must go on.

Mythic Quest: Raven’s Banquet season one is done and in the books. The episodes aired on Apple TV+ and showed a different side to Rob McElhenney and David Hornsby (Mac and Cricket, respectively, from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia) as they join up with a great cast to create the characters responsible for making “the biggest multiplayer video game of all time.”  We were recently informed that the cast would come together to create a special episode covering the current quarantine situation.  Here are some of the things you can expect to see in the episode.

Mythic Quest Quarantine
Mythic Quest: Quarantine

We are treated to the joys of online computer meetings, so if you aren’t in the office you can still shelter in place while being on the clock and get to experience your co-worker shortcomings or lack of self-awareness when it comes to their online abilities.  This episode is perfectly timed for this historic moment in our lives and the crew did a perfect job of capturing it and airing it during the quarantine.  For the behind the scenes of how this episode was made I was amazed to find out they did this with 40 iPhones and several pairs of AirPods which is just wild and very creative.  I would be interested to find out how much the actors had to do with camera and lighting settings on their own or if they got help.  The editing did a great job of keeping the flow just as normal as a regular episode. 

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For the actual episode itself I really enjoyed how authentic it was and that the characters are experiencing the same situation we are in.  I found it funny how the phrase “we are all in this together” was played along with the characters’ personalities.  David Brittlesbee (played by David Hornsby) is a producer with a heart and wants to give to charity since they have been making money with the situation and this causes him to be in direct conflict with Brad Bakshi (played by Danny Pudi) who is the head of their monetization.  I really enjoyed their banter and how they came to a way that could work for them to either donate or keep the money…fight it out via Street Fighter.  I enjoyed that Brad makes the situation personal by having David sacrifice parts of his facial hair and this was a fun situation that ran throughout the episode with a pleasant payoff in the end. 

'Mythic Quest: Quarantine' episode review: we’re all in this together
Mythic Quest: Quarantine

Watching eccentric creative director, Ian Grimm (played by Rob McElhenney) face off with Poppy Li (played by Charlotte Nicdao) was hilarious as they just clash and have to be the top banana.  The scenes where they have online meetings is spot on for their characters as they want to keep the other waiting and also be the first to leave the meeting as well.  I thought it was very heart warming and honest how they choose to have Poppy handle the quarantine situation; for her it was easy to deal with when there was work to be done and, in this case, she was super productive which caused her co-workers to tell her to stop…in which we find out that without work she is truly alone and that scares her.  They had a great moment with Poppy and Ian that was great as both had to face fears but it really did take the play of mocking “we are all in this together” and actually showed that some people can still be there for each other. 

'Mythic Quest: Quarantine' episode review: we’re all in this together
Mythic Quest: Quarantine

Another pairing of characters was Jo the Assistant (played by Jessie Ennis) with C.W. Longbottom (played by F. Murray Abraham) and exploiting C.W.’s technology inexperience with Jo’s lack of patience; which is perfectly played out if you have had the “pleasure” of being online with a meeting of the tech impaired.  The story plays out great and interesting for the overall series along with doing a great job of giving the characters moments to shine and interact with each other for our enjoyment.  The whole group comes together at the end for the perfect experience of too many talkers at an online meeting and the value of the mute button.  The cast does manage to get in one more moment of relevant activities in our modern age with their own “mousetrap” style obstacle course that goes from one person’s camera screen to another for a rewarding fun ending that shows what we can do together.

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Mythic Quest: Quarantine Review
Fantastic episode that takes this historic moment and helps us to escape and laugh about it by reminding us of our new "shelter in place" struggles and how the workplace is still alive, even at home. The cast spotlights the highs and lows of peoples' actions in these times with great farce and honesty.
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This episode was shot with unconvental methods but still delivers an entertaining product that holds like previous productions
The characters play out tropes that are associated with online meetings in a fantastic manner
Great pairings to make for intriguing situations that carry the flow of the show along
Honest moment of how some people might feel in these quarantine times
Great escape and pokes fun at lots of the new norms in our current times
No quality loss with this production being done in a different manner outside a studio

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