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All Things All Elite: June 3, 2020

Catch up before tonight’s episode of Dynamite!

Being The Elite

  • The Elite are hanging out, Cutler tries to get them to do some work on their media accounts, they get out of it by faking an injury.
  • Later on, “Broken” Matt Hardy is talking, happens to touch Hangman Page and claims that Benjamin Franklin’s essence is in Page. Hangman is extremely confused and denies it.
  • This led to a very fun Twitter exchange between the two.
  • Cutler asks Best Friends and Orange Cassidy if they have an idea for a skit for BTE. Ideas include reenactments of The Land Before Time and Fast Five.
  • TH2 cut promos scolding AEW for ignoring them and having insanely stupid tag teams, for instance a jungle boy/dinosaur as well as a literal cult.
  • Private Party finally end their feud with the giant teddy bear and dead zombie wrestler with the teddy bear winning the ladder match.

AEW Dark

  • Billy Gunn def. John Skyler
  • QT Marshall drives up with Allie. Brandi and Dustin try to scold him for spending time with her.
  • The Butcher and The Blade def. Jon Cruz and Joe Alonzo. Joe, of course, being the guy who bugs Sammy constantly on his vlog to get him on the show.
  • Christi Jaynes def. Kilynn King.
  • Santana and Ortiz def. Leroy and EJ Lewis
  • Leva Bates suggests that Peter Avalon and Brandon Cutler team up again, with her ring side.
  • Natural Nightmares def. Peter Avalon and Brandon Cutler
  • Allie was on commentary, and her seemingly no longer being with Butcher and Blade was mentioned, but she ignored it. Allie spends the whole time fawning over QT. She honestly is adding a lot of personality to QT. If you feel like QT needs a little jazzing up, watch this match.

Shot of Brandi

  • These are never really plot related and more just shoot hangouts, but if you want to see Orange Cassidy out of character as much as we’ve ever seen him, check this out. It’s very fun.

General Twitter Happenings

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