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Leaving a Mark: Defending 1990 WCW (Part IV)

Who was the Black Scorpion and why.

Leaving a Mark is a look at some of my favorite and not so favorite moments from pro wrestling when I was growing up. They may not all be good memories, but they stuck around for one reason or another. Each week, I look back with a modern perspective on the times I cherished so much as a kid.

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WCW has had a lot of strange years, but 1990 has to be one of the strangest. The year is remembered for characters like the Black Scorpion and Robocop’s appearance, and was also marred by bad booking and backstage turmoil.

As the year draws to its close, Nathaniel talks about what was good about WCW in 1990. There were some standout matches. It was also a pivotal time in the change from the old NWA to the new WCW.

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