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DCeased: Dead Planet #1
DC Comics

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‘DCeased: Dead Planet’ #1 review

Trevor Hairsine reteams with Tom Taylor to continue the mayhem of a plagued DC Universe.

SPOILERS ahead for DCeased: Dead Planet #1.

The multiverse of DC Comics is getting bigger with the expansion of DCeased. So far, the miniseries has spawned quite a few adventures pitting the “World’s Greatest Super Heroes and Villains” against a twisted version of the Anti-Life Equation that is on a “zombie-like” path of destruction. 

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Luckily, with issue #1 of Dead Planet, Tom Taylor and Trevor Hairsine do a great job of creating a quick catch-up of what has happened in the DCeased-verse so far. I have to say it is great to return to this storyline, but I also go in with a shielded heart as Tom Taylor has a way of getting you to become fond of a character and you honestly don’t know what fate Tom will create for them.  So be prepared, get your emotions ready, and let us jump into Dead Planet #1.

DCeased: Dead Planet #1
DC Comics

As I mentioned, Tom and Trevor give a great recap of what has come before and it was a very nice treat to see Trevor revisit some of those characters in that garish design.  You can’t feel anything but sorry for Cyborg in the opener as you learn of what has happened — how he can’t escape it and also be trapped as a disembodied head for five years in the worst fate out of all the characters I’ve seen so far.

Tom does a great job getting into Cyborg’s head space — you can really feel the agony in the character’s voice.  Trevor draws the Anti-Life version of these DC characters wonderfully, but the image that I think will be the most emotional for many is to see John Constantine drinking with the ashes and ghosts of his friends. That ghoulish shoutout to A Good Day to Die is amazing.   

DCeased: Dead Planet #1
DC Comics

We see how the next generation of heroes has grown into their mentor personas in Damian Wayne, Jonathan Kent, and Cassie Sandsmark becoming Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman respectively.  I do appreciate the costume designs as they manage to mix elements of the classic with the new generation very nicely; also, the humor with Damian and Jon is greatly appreciated in this dark world.

Fans of Green Lantern Dinah Lance rejoice, as she is here in the story as well. There are great moments with her and Ollie…or maybe not.  I do wonder about the alien race that this new Justice League is in conflict with; are they just for introduction, or will they play a part later on in this mini-series? 

DCeased: Dead Planet #1
DC Comics

Things look up as the JL and the aliens manage to create peace, but things are interrupted by a distress call from Cyborg. This brings up an interesting dilemma for the team: go back and risk everything, or leave him behind?  Of course, heroes never leave anyone behind, so we return to the original Earth 1 that is totally infected, but we get a great reunion with Jon and Krypto, heartwarmingly drawn by Trevor (love that super tail wagging ability by Krypto).

Of course, with something happy happening, the drama starts to unfold.  There are two two-page scenes in the end battle of this issue and they are just amazing and the carnage they contain is something else.  Our new generation Justice League suffers some losses and hits which make for great cliffhanger moments but also we have hope: we have a cure.

DCeased: Dead Planet #1
‘DCeased: Dead Planet’ #1 review
DCeased: Dead Planet #1
This was a strong opener for a sequel to 'DCeased', and a great gateway comic for new and returning fans. Taylor does a great job creating moments and characters to get attached to, while Hairsine's art does a great job of ripping it to shreds.
Reader Rating1 Votes
Trevor Hairsine is back as artist and I really dig his character designs for new generation of heroes. His grisly art makes those heartwrenching moments more impacting
There are moments of pure joy and sorrow that make this a strong opener for a great return to DCeased
The world of DCeased is very uncertain and that cliffhanger will either prove to be amazing or harmful as this mini-series plays out

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