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Rogue Planet #3
Oni Press

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‘Rogue Planet’ #3 review

Their numbers dwindling as malevolent forces work against them.

“They shouldn’t have gone there.” “Some things are better worth not discovering.” These are some of the emotional thoughts that’ll be running through your head after reading Rogue Planet #3. The third issue in Oni Press’ series finds the remaining members of the Cortes exploration team finally bringing the fight back against an unknown threat they know very little about. Question is, how long can they keep it up?

Rogue Planet #3
Oni Press

If you’re just finding out about this comic as you read this, the story revolves around a team of explorers who travel through space aboard a ship known as the Cortes. Their main objective is usually to find unclaimed payloads on different worlds. But when they land on a planet called the Lonely Orphan, all hell breaks loose. Writer Cullen Bunn and artist Andy MacDonald continue to take us down this nightmarish rabbit hole in Rogue Planet #3.

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First and foremost, to fully comprehend how incredibly awesome this comic is, it helps to be a fan of sci-fi movies. I’m talking about great films like Aliens, Lifeforce, and Event Horizon just to name a few. The book feels a lot like these movies but, to quote Talladega Nights, all jacked up on Mountain Dew. Things move very quickly during the story and if you have a favorite character, I wouldn’t get too attached.

Rogue Planet #3
Oni Press

The writing in Rogue Planet #3 is pretty solid and does a great job of setting the overall fear factor in terms of the remaining characters. The first issue laid the groundwork filling us in on who’s who in terms of job titles and what each character specializes in. I think this helps sell the horror aspect in terms of when people start getting killed off. For example, if the mechanic dies and there’s a problem with the ship, you’re screwed.

The illustrations provided by Andy MacDonald complement the story very well. His images feel larger than life and provide just the right level of engagement that will entice any reader. He’s very good at setting up the deaths and making you feel empathy as the team of explorers continues to be picked off. He shines with his creative and inventive alien designs.

Rogue Planet #3 is another excellent entry in the series and delivers on thrills. Three issues in the can and I feel like we’ve only begun to see the true terror that awaits this crew. If you’re not reading this series already, now is a good time to catch up. Rogue Planet is worth checking out.

Rogue Planet #3
‘Rogue Planet’ #3 review
Rogue Planet #3
'Rogue Planet' #3 provides a glimmer of hope for it's crew while continuing to terrorize readers with its fantastic story.
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Good writing that provides a great balance of entertainment and scares.
Illustrations that give you a nostalgic feel for classics like 'Aliens'.
Twisted and unpredictable.
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