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‘Entwined’ review: Modern folk tale is myth-guided

Folk lore, fantasy, and horror in one place.

Few mythologies are more popular than Greek. Names like Zeus and and Ares are known even to those who have no interest in the stories. Tales of Prometheus and Icarus are still passed down. It is no surprise that the influence is also seen in many movies.

Entwined is a fantasy horror co produced by Greece and the United Kingdom. The movie is about a doctor named Panos. After the passing of his father, Panos decides to move to a remote country village to start life all over. He soon falls for a woman named Danae who has a mysterious skin condition. The doctor soon learns that Danae’s condition is much more than skin deep.

Director Minos Nikolakakis leans into the movie’s fairy tale aesthetic. The forest seems impossibly dense. As the story and relationship progresses, it seems to become even more lush, and the camera is there to show off every bit of it. Even the village Panos goes to has a familiar quality from a book out of someone’s childhood. The atmosphere remains with Entwined the entire time.

This is especially important since the story tends to lose it way at times. While there is something of a character arc to Danae, her motivations are never truly explored. This is very frustrating since her relationship with Panos is central to Entwined’s plot. The plot seems content to let a lot of questions remained unanswered.

Danae is a very interesting character and this decision may have been intention. As it is, the love interest of Panos invites questions. Much like a siren, she leads audiences to want to learn more. Unfortunately, Entwined does not always proved answers. Which is a shame, since Danae is so a multi layered character. There is a depth to the character that is never touched upon.

Still, Entwined is a very enjoyable film. The movie visits many themes that are topical in today’s world. Ideas of isolation, nature versus science, loneliness, and love are all touched upon. True to form, the movie is able to tackle subjects that anyone watching can relate to.

Dark fairy tales are one of the most fascinating sub genres to watch. They subvert expectations while still trying to impart a lesson in their own twisted way. Entwined follows along this path. While flawed, it draws audiences in with an interesting character and story.


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