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All Things All Elite: September 2, 2020

Pro Wrestling

All Things All Elite: September 2, 2020

It’s Wednesday night — time for more Dynamite! I highly recommend going through everything this week, as there were some major plot beats for just about everything. We got another Road To All Out and some major developments in the Peter Avalon/Brandon Cutler plot. Elsewhere, Kenny seems to be slipping further into The Cleaner. Be sure to get caught up with everything that happened, and enjoy the go-home episode of Dynamite tonight!

Being the Elite

  • The Dark Order chant ‘f*ck Hangman’ as Brodie Lee sits on one of his lawnmowers he got to spite Hangman Page. Brodie Lee tells John Silver to shut up, and says “I have one thing to say, boys: f*ck Hangman.”
  • The Young Bucks continue their journey to find the AEW action figures.
  • 5 of the Dark Order is wearing a wig and tries to claim his place as “the hair guy” from Alex Reynolds. Anna Jay comes in and asks for the 20 dollars that Stu promised her for choking Brandi out. Silver tries to flirt with Anna who ignores him, but this leads to a conversation of who the best kisser is among the guys in the faction. Brodie Lee comes in, tells them to shut up about that, and tells Evil Uno to hit Silver with some papers.
  • The Elite continue to give Matt Jackson a hard time about blowing the Chili’s commercial deal. Matt tries to make it better by going to Cracker Barrel but the group wants a commercial deal and are not taking Matt’s peace offering of a Cracker Barrel lunch.
  • Colt Cabana wanders around in bandages trying to find someone who can fix his face. With the gold off his face, he still needs to get surgery. He asks Britt Baker for help and she tells him he’s an idiot for not knowing she’s just a dentist and is unable to fix his face.
  • Cutler and Avalon argue once again about who is right and if Peter should cheat, or if they should follow Brandon’s advice and not cheat. Leva butts in and shows them some tough love. She says the world isn’t completely black or white, and dealing in absolutes of “we will cheat” or “we will not cheat” is useless. She then says that the team is undervalued and they need to show everyone that they don’t deserve to be.
  • Christopher Daniels is noticing that The Dark Order is getting popular on BTE so he partners up with them to do one of his ads for people over 50. This week Daniels is advertising vitamins but finds out that Silver ate all the vitamins, and instead they have Kool-Aid.
  • For Matt’s 50+ seconds for 50+, Cutler changes his car’s oil.
  • Young Bucks, Luchasaurus, and Jungle Boy are talking about their upcoming 8-man tag team match. The Bucks criticize Luchasaurus for being too scared to do a Canadian Destroyer. After the Jacksons leave, Jungle Boy asks why he can’t do Canadian Destroyers. Luchasaurus says that his ex was Canadian.
  • Best Friends are once again trying to kill Cutler. They make a trip wire out of what appears to be a single strip of painter’s tape. Chuck Taylor explains that once he trips, everyone can stab him. Trent points out the scissors he has to stab him are plastic, to which Taylor responds, “yeah, but we got like three of them.” Cutler walks past with Orange pulling the trip wire five seconds too late.
  • The episode ends with The Bucks being screwed over by Hangman and showing everyone’s reactions afterwards. The Bucks throw out Hangman’s stuff from the room they hang out in. Hangman stands in front of the mirror. Kenny sits in the car. The Bucks go home to their families. Camera cuts back to Kenny who this time, has his aviators on.

AEW Dark

  • Shawn Spears def. Eddie Taurus. Shawn once again stuck around after the match for a post-match beatdown.
  • Santana and Ortiz def. Faboo Andre and Ryzin. After the match Santana and Ortiz cut a promo on the Best Friends. They say that the Best Friends do have heart, which makes it more fun when they beat them and send them home crying. Ortiz also tells the Best Friends to please tell Sue to stop calling him on his phone.
  • Allie def. Cassandra Golden. Allie got angry for QT not taking off her jacket fast enough. 
  • After that, the Best Friends attacked Santana and Ortiz backstage.
  • Frankie Kazarian def. Angelico
  • There was a Brandi Rhodes interview where she called out Anna Jay, saying she’s pretty but that doesn’t mean anything, you have to be smart. She then points out that she’s still walking and if you come after the queen, you best not miss. Obviously, Anna missed.
  • Billy and Austin Gunn def. Donnie Primetime and Ryan Rembrandt
  • Abadon def. Dani Jordyn
  • Ricky Starks def. Tony Donati
  • Jurassic Express def. Jon Cruz and David Ali
  • Anna Jay def. Red Velvet
  • Kip Sabian def. Shawn Dean
  • Private Party def. The Initiative. After the match, Avalon was so frustrated that he attacked Cutler and smashed him over the head with his D20. Leva Baits stared on confused as Avalon walked off.

Road to All Out

  • Promo for Matt Hardy vs. Sammy Guevara. Clips of the feud so far, Sammy offering to let Matt pick the stipulation and Matt declaring it is a “Broken Rules” match. Sammy says that it is time for Hardy to give wrestling up. Hardy says if it is his time to give it up, he’s going to go down fighting. 
  • QT Marshall cuts a promo about how people think he’s a joke, but those people don’t know what he does. They don’t know how hard he works, not just in the ring but backstage. QT rants about how Cody can be an egomaniac at times, but he was the first one to really recognize QT and give him a chance. So he’s willing to go after Brodie Lee and show him what friends of Cody are willing to do.

Twitter Happenings and Misc

  • MJF talks about how he’s going to train his lawyer in just a week to be a better wrestler than Mox. Things do not go well. Mr. Sterling was not happy with this being tweeted out.
  • There were clips of this promo in the Road To, but here is the full Sammy promo
  • Lance Archer threatens Ricky Starks on Twitter.
  • Ricky Starks is on the AEW Podcast, a good way to get to know him if you’re like me and a little less familiar with him
  • Just a random thing, but Orange Cassidy is always very nice and supportive on Twitter while still being lazy. It’s very sweet.
  • Just a quick observation, Cody hasn’t tweeted since his match with Brodie Lee. Love him just going completely AWOL after being so badly injured in that match.

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