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AEW Dynamite felt the fall out from All Out

Pro Wrestling

AEW Dynamite felt the fall out from All Out

Big fights, huge debuts, and the start to many a storyline make for a great week of AEW wrestling!

This past Saturday’s AEW All Out PPV was an incredibly hyped up show, but was marred by several major botches, questionable spots, and a really scary injury for Matt Hardy. But, it’s hard to say that it didn’t leave you wondering what the company was going to do this week on AEW Dynamite.

Tony Khan had been hyping up a big, exciting episode of AEW Dynamite on Twitter all week, with a rumored big surprise, Tay Conti’s debut on Dynamite, and some seriously awesome tag team wrestling. So, with two of AIPT’s biggest AEW supporters on hand, let’s take a look at AEW Dynamite with Peter Boyer and Darius Melton.

AEW Dynamite


Peter: I’m excited to see more MJF Jericho interactions, we kinda left their one interaction at the end of last year kind of hanging.

Darius: I knew we were in for a good show as soon as I saw the two cars pull up. Jericho is an all-timer on the mic, and MJF is a wrestler who I can only see being a megastar if he doesn’t mess it up himself. He’s the future of this company and this business, and watching him hang with Jericho is proof of that for me.

Peter: Apparently this match was what the Jurassic Express’ first Dynamite match was supposed to be. Honestly I absolutely love Lucha Bros, I’m tempted to go get my Pentagon Jr. mask. This match is everything I love from both groups: flips, kicks, jumps, and boys jumping around all over. Absolutely surprised by that ending honestly.

Darius: Okay, so I’m of two minds. One, it makes me sad seeing them lose another match when they’re two top stars, but if it’s fueling a split? Give it to me all day. They’re great together as a team, but they’re genuinely better as opponents.

Peter: I’m hoping that they take their time with any possible break up of the Lucha Bros, after the big breakup of The Elite I think having another break up would be a bit much.

Darius: I agree. I think that’s part of the reason why I was so ready for the two of them to win this match. Giving them another shot against FTR, who cheated them out of a win last time, would give them a thread to stick to before breaking up. But I will say that this tension does present a nice break from the constant fighting against Butcher and Blade.

Peter: Matt Hardy appears and he’s okay (thank god). But, well…this is awkward. I mean I’m glad Matt Hardy is doing okay and I guess I’m fine with him being on here to show that but man, after all the stuff that Tony Khan and AEW has said it makes it feel very cheap. I guess?

Darius: I can see where you’re coming from. Hearing he’s 100% okay from AEW staff, then hearing him say he’s expected to make a “100% full recovery” definitely conflicts.

Peter: Yeah, him apologizing seems like…I mean AEW should be apologizing a lot more than Hardy honestly. It’s just kind of awkward. But overall I guess I can’t be mad at the segment since the point is just to show he’s doing well and is healthy.

Darius: Definitely awkward, but I will say I wish Hardy’s speech wasn’t as apologetic to the fans. I mean, I knew from the start of that spot on Saturday that we were under 30 seconds away from one or two major injuries, but that already happened. I wish Tony Khan had something to say here, though. Not on TV, but overall.

How do you feel about Orange wrestling more now than he used to?

Peter: They had to let him wrestle more eventually. He was too popular not to push hard and after Jericho there was no way he could go back to just being someone who wrestles sometimes. However, I think they need to lean back heavily into him being lazy and only really tries when he’s mad. There has to be a good balance between him putting on good matches and maintaining the lazy character.

Darius: See, that’s where I’m at. The Jericho story was meant to round out his character, and that character is someone who doesn’t care. I like seeing him wrestle, but why is he treating Angelico closer to how he treated Jericho? I think Angelico’s treatment tonight was further on the “serious” scale than PAC was, and Orange was angry with PAC.

But he is too popular to holster. So, the amount he’s wrestling is less worrisome than how intense it is.

Peter: 100% agree.

Oh boy, I’m ready for this one, got up for a drink and I sit back down just in time for this Kipp segment! Honestly been low key excited for finding out who Kipp’s best man is this week.

Darius: I did just pop for Puf, not gonna lie.

Peter: Kinda mad it isn’t Puf, okay I see where this bit is going and yeah, I’m on board for it. This is the content I like to see.


Peter: CRAP!!! OH MY GOD WHAT????? I don’t know what to say!!!! AAAHHH!!!

Darius: Slim Rusev has me reeling right now. The crowd’s already chanting “Miro Day,” too. This is the kind of pop we missed out on with Brodie Lee and Matt Hardy.

Peter: That dyed hair had me so confused for a second. I honestly didn’t see this coming, for some reason I just would NOT have said that out of all the people AEW would snatch up it would be Rusev. Man I still can’t stop laughing and smiling.

Darius: My brother — constant viewing partner of mine — was going crazy beside me. I know JR said that Rusev was the biggest name to steal from WWE, but I thought for sure that Impact had him.

This Hangman promo just sent me the opposite way emotionally. I need to cool down. Help me.

AEW Dynamite


Peter: It’s an absolute emotional 180. Man he downed that whiskey fast. So I really think he might join the Dark Order? Maybe not in the next couple of months but they did sort of hint at that a month or two ago on BTE. It would be the ultimate hero’s fall they could do.

Darius: It’s also been hinted at on Dynamite when Page beat #5 not too long ago. He said he wasn’t interested in joining a cult “right now,” and though it was a joke then…right now’s looking like a pretty good time to join a cult. He’s probably easier to brainwash than Colt Cabana, too, looking at FTR’s quick work.

Peter: Aw, poor Colt, he just wants to have a group of buddies. I absolutely love that whole plot.

I absolutely love Joey and Sonny teaming together and they’ve really started getting a slow but substantial push in terms of more air time and still being able to look good even when they lose.

Darius: Yeah, they have a really solid, smart push going. Sonny’s been in a few short-term tag teams before now with Brandon Cutler and Dustin Rhodes, and Janela was hanging with Private Party. Now that they’ve come together and are real-life close friends, it’s all coming together and makes them easy to root for.

Peter: Sonny had a good match on Dark last night as well. He just moves so fast. I wouldn’t say he’s as good as say, Darby but he’s for sure getting there.

Darius: Here comes the big FTR celebration, and man, I just want to say that Cash is looking FLY right now. This is pure Horsemen drip.

Also, wow with the Private Party slander. And the Marko Stunt slander! Though I like how “comedy gimmick” had all three members of Jurassic Express perk their ears up until he got through “cosplay Tarzan” and “dumb dinosaur.”

Peter: Also love that they call Jungle Boy a cosplay Tarzan but while they’ll call Luchasaurus dumb, they don’t say he’s a fake dinosaur. He’s still a dinosaur.

AEW Dynamite


Darius: I love Rickey Starks I mean, Darby Allin, this is Allin I’m seeing on the entrance ramp right? I want to listen to what Starks has to say, but I just got hit with the idea of Darby vs Miro and I can’t focus on anything else.

Peter: I’d watch the hell out of that. Hmm…there’s something going on here, I don’t think that actually is Darby Allin. Hmmm…I’ll get back to you if I figure it out.

Darius: He’s talking about kicking his own ass, which is weird, but if you’re into that, go for it. Though, I will say that referring to Darby as “at home and alone” is rough because of the divorce news.

Would you look at that, Tay Conti’s first official match as a signed AEW talent. You love to see it.

Peter: I didn’t know who Tay Conti was until she came to AEW and I really liked her right away. Hopefully this match won’t last only 4 minutes. Though it does seem like the past couple weeks they’ve been working on giving the women more time. Still not as much as they should, but it’s better than it was before at least.

Darius: Yeah, they do get shafted in that a majority of their longer matches now end up during commercial breaks, but the match itself is getting enough time to build heat and make both look strong.

Peter: So I love Nyla but it seems like they don’t know what to do with her other than have her just be involved with title related feuds again and again without anything really more to it other than “she’s a heel and wants the title!”

Darius: Yeah, once she got paired with Vickie, I was excited, then immediately thought, “Wait, so the only thing she can do now is fight Shida again, right?” I think she needs a new Shanna, someone to just go to war with. I’d love for her to enter a series with Tay Conti, or maybe even scrap with Big Swole in order to get back into the title picture, but just gunning for Shida again is a boring route.

Also, Kenny’s looking really calculated in his interview with JR this evening.

Peter: Kenny does an absolutely great job at over acting in the best way possible. He makes his emotions clear in his promos but in an overly dramatic way, it works really well for him.

Darius: Yeah, before I really got to know Kenny, I saw his NJPW press conference promos and was immediately hooked by his clear anime/JRPG villain influence. It works really well for him even when he’s face because of all the reasons you’ve laid out there.

Peter: Here comes the TNT Champion for our main event of the evening against the 51 year old Dustin Rhodes. Stoked anytime I get to see Brodie Lee. He’s so damn terrifying.

Darius: Brodie brings a great presence with him. As does Dustin in that “legendary hoss” type of way. I actually hope that, with Ivelisse challenging for the NWA Women’s belt next week, we may at some point get Nick Aldis defending against Dustin Rhodes on Powerrr at some point.

Lee and Rhodes are two big lads that beat the breaks off of each other, man. I love it.

Peter: I think Brodie gets his power from that man bun, say what you will about the man bun but Brodie sports it well.

Darius: Watching that Cross Rhodes makes me wonder, in kayfabe, if Cody is more proud or more jealous of the fact that his oLdEr BrOtHeR is putting up a much better fight against Brodie Lee than he did. Cody loves his family, but he’s also a bit of a prick, so it makes you wonder.

Peter: Good question, especially with how badly Cody got wrecked.

Poor Silver! He just wants Mr. Brodie Lee to love him! He tries so, so, so, hard and Lee is just disgusted by him.

Darius: I bet Lee regrets not acquiring Marko Stunt way back in the early days of Dynamite, since he does that sort of run-in much better than that kid John Silver. Though, of course, Marko Stunt is no Meat Man.

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