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All Things All Elite: September 9th, 2020

All Things All Elite

All Things All Elite: September 9th, 2020

The dust is settling from AEW’s latest pay-per-view All Out and there’s a LOT to talk about in this week’s All Things All Elite!

If you don’t ever watch Being the Elite, this episode is a must watch, just with how much there is about the break up of The Elite and tensions throughout the company. I’ll admit that I hadn’t thought of the fact we might need a brief recap of things before the PPV especially since there’s an episode of Dark on Friday. Next PPV I’ll make sure I’m on top of that, but for now check out Tuesday’s Dark as well as Friday’s. Enjoy Dynamite tonight!

 Being the Elite

  • The Young Bucks keep looking for AEW figures and come up with nothing.
  • The Bucks and Jurassic Express argue about their eight man tag match from last week’s Dynamite, arguing who failed more. Jurassic Express ask why The Bucks botched some moves and The Bucks accuse Luchasaurus of not doing a Canadian Destroyer. Luchasaurus says maybe he’ll bust out a Canadian Destroyer on the Bucks at All Out.
  • Christopher Daniels does 50 reps for the 50 plus segment. Brandon puts down the camera, and seems to catch an unscripted moment as Hangman comes up. Page sounds a bit choked up and asks Brandon if he can tell The Bucks he’s sorry, and that he really f*cked things up. Brandon agrees and sympathizes with Hangman.
  • Silver and Reynolds decide they should go after Wardlow and try to recruit him. They try to flatter him but Wardlow gets a call from MJF and says they should finish up the conversation later. Wardlow walks out and the two Dark Order members realize they forgot to ask him to join.
  • The Bucks and Cutler are at Cracker Barrel and end up stealing some shirts. Later when trying on the shirts Cutler starts to bring up that Hangman approached him. The Bucks point to the camera and say they don’t want to discuss this now, they walk out.
  • Alex Abrahantes comes out for the Speaking Spanglish bit and introduces a new product, the MiPhone. Vickie and Diamante come out to present the new phone with jokes making fun of the iPhone.
  • The Bucks have fun goofing around on the red carpet pretending there are photographers and journalists asking them questions.
  • Big Swole has a Swole announcement telling women that you have to make sure not to spread your legs when sitting at the bar, and instead should cross them. Ricky Starks pops up to make a joke and Swole walks off, upset with him for ruining her bit.
  • Brodie Lee walks in on the Dark Order and immediately chastises Evil Uno for being on his phone, banning any Dark Order member from using third party platforms like Twitch (riffing off of Vince McMahon’s decision last week).
  • Silver and Reynolds walk in and are excited to show off their newest recruit. They play a video from Cameo of Sinbad requesting to join the Dark Order. Brodie Lee is pleased and congratulates Alex Reynolds, ignoring Silver.
  • Brodie Lee then says he’s got a surprise for everyone and brings in Griff Garrison, the rest of the group seem confused until Anna Jay sneaks up and chokes him out. The Dark Order is ecstatic to see Griff Garrison get choked out. 
  • Brandon tries to interview The Bucks about what happened with Hangman and with Kenny, they feel uncomfortable talking about it on BTE, Matt says maybe it’s time they started worrying more about themselves and less about The Elite.

AEW Dark 9/8

  • Will Hobbs def. Sean Legacy. Hobbs follows up his All Out performance with an impressive win on Dark.
  • Brian Cage def. Tony Donati.
  • Angelico def. Griff Garrison.
  • Anna Jay def. Skyler Moore. Anna had the Dark Order accompany her to the ring but didn’t look on like they do with other Dark Order matches.
  • Eddie Kingston def. Lee Johnson. Despite his loss, Johnson talked a lot of trash during the match.
  • Sonny Kiss def. Serpentico. Recommend checking out this match, Sonny was able to showcase some real skill here.
  • Ricky Starks def. Ben Carte.

AEW Dark 9/4

  • Butcher/Blade def. Faboo Andre/D3.
  • Allie def. Red Velvet. Brandi was on commentary blaming Allie for their loss in the tournament. Brandi was starting to play up the more arrogant side of herself once again and Allie once again seemed to be the nicer one.
  • Colt Cabana def. Zack Clayton. The Dark Order looked on, trying to help Colt out. While not all the help was actually helpful, Evil Uno helped Colt eventually get the win.
  • In an interview Peter Avalon declares that The Initiative is done. He knows he’s better than just simply a jobber. He wants to go one on one with Brandon in order to prove that he is not the worst wrestler in AEW, it’s Brandon.
  • Lucha Bros def. Ryzin & Angel Perez. After the match Eddie Kingston cut a promo saying that one of the people in his faction was going to win the Rumble.
  • Ivelisse def. KiLynn King. Ivelisse secured the victory with some help when Diamante caused a distraction for KiLynn.
  • Alex Reynolds & John Silver def. Shawn Dean & Brandon Bullock.
  • Cut to Brandon Cutler where Leva Bates is apologizing to him for being unable to talk sense into Peter Avalon. Cutler accepts Avalon’s challenge though saying he is going to get burned.
  • Darby Allin def. Luther.
  • The Natural Nightmares def. Dark Order (#5 and #10).
All Elite
A subtle change to Hangman’s bio after last week’s Dynamite with the inclusion of ‘piece of sh*t’

Twitter Happenings and Misc

  • Along with the above image, it seems that Hangman has taken to not tweeting as often. Whether this is simply because he’s taking time off twitter or its him in character and he’s retreating from the rest of the world, it is something I noticed.
  • Kenny Omega did a watch along with IGN for Spirited Away. If you’ve never seen it before please go watch it just by itself first, it deserves it. But if you just want to enjoy a rewatch and having Kenny commenting along, this is where to go!
  • The third episode of Cutler and friend’s D&D game is now up, see what happens as the gang of murder hobos keeps trying to learn D&D. If you are into watching D&D sessions and you like AEW (which you do since you’re here) I highly recommend watching these.
  • Jon Moxley gave a quick promo after the match on Saturday.
  • We had the post PPV media scrum of course.
  • Dustin cuts a mini promo when talking to Tony about his match at All Out.
  • Jungle Boy notes that their match tonight was supposed to be their TV debut match.
  • In Sammy’s vlog, Sammy and friends ridicule the lower level talent, Sammy and Leva discuss poetry, and Sammy’s hotel room may be haunted.

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