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‘Ted Lasso’ season 1 episode 7 review: ‘Make Rebecca Great Again’

Rebecca’s friends help her get her groove back while the club has a vital road match.

Ted Lasso and AFC Richmond have a big road match coming up and everyone is prepping. The team stands in 18th place, the last relegation spot, and have yet to score a goal since Jamie’s departure. They’ve also failed to win at Goodison Park, the home of their opponents, in 60 years. At least Rebecca is using the road fixture as a girls’ night out opportunity in Liverpool with Keeley and her childhood best friend, Flo “Sassy” Collins.

[Slight Spoilers Ahead]

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If coaching wasn’t stressful enough, Ted is still coming to terms with his impending divorce. It’s all made real when he receives the papers to sign and constant reminders from his soon to be ex-wife. The normally peppy and positive Lasso is having a tough time coping privately and turns to the bottle to self-medicate. He even lashes out at Nate in a drunken rage when the kit boy tries to deliver a message to his room.

The next day, he apologizes for his actions and convinces Nate to deliver the motivational pre-match pep talk. However, in this case, it’s some tough love as he criticizes the players for what they’re doing wrong and what kind of changes they need to make. The harsh honesty seems to work and AFC Richmond squeak out a 1-0 victory against Everton. To celebrate, the club heads out for some drinking and Karaoke.

Meanwhile, Rebecca is also having some issues getting over her ex as the weekend would have been her wedding anniversary. That’s why she’s brought together herself, Keeley, and Sassy, who are all recently single. Her friends help Rebecca get her groove back. Sassy in particular, tries to bring out the woman she’s known her whole life; a much warmer and joyful person than the cold and calculating one we have seen. The ladies even join up with the team to celebrate the historic win.

The seventh episode of Ted Lasso has its titular character at his lowest we’ve seen him all season. He’s dejected due to his marriage ending. Previously it seemed he was ready to begin a new stage in his life but the papers he receives brings finality and reminds him of his failure as a husband. The coach shows a less savory side of himself drunkenly yelling at Nate.

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However, part of being a leader of men is the ability to act like one. His quick apology the next day to Nate shows he’s big enough to admit when he’s wronged someone. Coach is human and fallible and it’s okay to have bad moments, but he always makes a concerted effort to remedy all he’s done. That just makes you want to root for him even more.

Lasso also encourages the team’s kit boy to give his critical pre-match talk and the tough love serves as a wake-up call to the players and they’re able to turn it around. Nate has definitely grown in confidence this season as he holds nothing back and holds his ground when Roy tries to intimidate him. Actor, Nick Mohammed, put his stand-up comedy background to good use in the scene as he delivers the one-liners and zingers.

In contrast to Ted Lasso, we see a more positive Rebecca. Through Sassy, she realizes how much her marriage changed her and she wants to make amends for all the lost time. The AFC Richmond owner lost touch with both those closest to her and herself. During her cover of “Let It Go” (which rivals that of Idina Menzel’s version) is the first time we see her genuinely happy and filled with joy. The song title is fitting for both her and her coach since it’s time to move on from their past.

“Make Rebecca Great Again” also has many small entertaining moments. There is the running gag of Keeley acting as host of the hotel informational channel. The team’s choice for movie night, The Iron Giant, is an excellent pick and the emotional roller coaster the film creates in them is priceless. Also, some of the other song selections during Karaoke are entertaining from Oasis’ “Wonderwall” and Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance”. It’s nice to see a sillier side to the players and coaches.

With all the single ladies, romance would be in the air. We finally see the Roy/Keeley hook up that’s been building for a while. Rebecca proves she still has it by picking up a handsome waiter. Even Ted Lasso may have found a rebound in Sassy. The chemistry is a little forced during their initial meeting but becomes better as the episode progresses. Though Sassy totally owns the final scene when she shows up at his door and enters confidently without a word.

The episode is filled with great small moments and provides some different sides of the main characters.

Ted Lasso can be currently seen on Apple TV+ with new episodes released on Friday.

'Ted Lasso' season 1 episode 7 review: 'Make Rebecca Great Again'
Ted Lasso S1E7: 'Make Rebecca Great Again'
The episode is filled with great small moments and provides some different sides of the main characters.
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Key growth in some of the main characters.
Great small entertaining moments.
Hannah Waddingham's singing voice
Some early chemistry issues with Ted Lasso's new love interest.

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