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X-Men Monday is evolving

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X-Men Monday is evolving: Weekly X of Swords coverage starts tomorrow

X-Men fans: Don’t miss your chance to get your X of Swords questions answered!

X-MEN EMERGENCY! (The good kind of emergency.)

X-Men Monday at AIPT is evolving, and it’s all thanks to X of Swords!

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The highly anticipated X-Men event kicks off this Wednesday, September 16, with two prelude issues, Excalibur #12 and X-Men #12, and then continues weekly until its conclusion November 25 with X of Swords: Destruction #1! Surely, such a sprawling crossover, promising X-Men universe-shattering changes will leave X-Fans with more than a few questions.

Well fear not, X-Fans–X-Men Monday has the solution.

Every New Comic Book Day Wednesday for the duration of X of Swords, purchase your X-Men books as soon as possible and then read them as soon as possible because you’ll have from 12 noon EST that Wednesday until 5 PM EST the next day to submit whatever questions you have. Answers–straight from our friends at Marvel’s X-Office–will be up the following Monday before the whole process begins again.

How do I submit questions?

That’s an eXcellent question! In the past, you needed a Twitter account to reply to the call for X-Men Monday questions. No longer! Moving forward, all you’ll have to do is visit this very website, find the week’s call for questions article and fill out the Google Form embedded within. Not too hard, and you already spend every waking hour on, right? Here’s an example of what the form will look like.

X-Men Monday is evolving: Weekly X of Swords coverage starts tomorrow

While many wonderful questions have come from Twitter since X-Men Monday launched, understandably, not every X-Fan has a Twitter account. So, X-Facebook, X-Reddit, X-CBR Boards, uh… is X-LinkedIn a thing? Either way, X-Whatever–if you’re following X of Swords, submit your questions! (And don’t worry, X-Twitter, AIPT will still tweet out the link to the form).

What types of questions can I ask?

Another eXtraordinary question! Here are the column’s two golden rules:

  1. No spoiler questions. You may think that you want to know when Wither will appear again. You may think you want to know what Moira’s been up to. But you actually don’t. You want the story to unfold naturally, as the creators behind it intended. Teases, though? Totally ask for teases.
  2. Don’t be a jerk. Shouldn’t have to explain this one, and yet, internet trolls can’t seem to shake their trollish ways. Not a fan of the current X-Men status quo? Maybe you’re angry at a creator over a recent story twist or hurt that your favorite character isn’t doing what you want them to do. Whatever the case, if you find yourself writing something that’s closer to a personal attack… maybe stop and try to rephrase it as a constructive question. X-Men Monday is 100% against toxic fandom. 

That’s it. Just those two easy rules. That leaves the door wide open to an endless array of question possibilities!

So, mark your calendars for this coming Wednesday at 12 noon EST and visit AIPT to find the week’s call for questions. AND, be sure to be back here tomorrow at 10 AM EST for the eXtra-large (just over 4,000 words, no big deal), ridiculously fun X-Men Monday #75, focused entirely on X of Swords and featuring all these lovely people:

X-Men Monday is evolving: Weekly X of Swords coverage starts tomorrow

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