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All Things All Elite: September 16th, 2020

Pro Wrestling

All Things All Elite: September 16th, 2020

As always, we have your summaries of all of All Elite Wrestling’s social media happenings to get you ready for Dynamite tonight!

Happy Wednesday, everyone! As always, we have your summaries of all of All Elite Wrestling’s social media happenings to get you ready for Dynamite tonight! I especially recommend watching the clips involving The Elite for more character development.

This week’s AEW Dark had Peter Avalon vs. Brandon Cutler, the biggest story on the show. The feud is hot and the match is honestly pretty good. So check out the bits you want to, get a summary on the rest and enjoy Dynamite tonight!

Being the Elite

  • Eddie Kingston cuts a promo on a cookie for “promo class Wednesday”. Short and funny.
  • Brandon asks the Bucks if they’re feeling better. The Bucks say the fans are probably tired of vlogs and Brandon should stop filming. Matt then stops chastising Brandon for a second and says maybe The Bucks should go back to being heels, putting themselves before others finally. Go back to the way they were. Eddie Kingston walks in the background, listens in, and walks off.
  • The Bucks go to Tony’s office to pay the $5,000 fine, throw it in his office and walk off.
  • Silver and Reynolds have a dance contest with TH2. If TH2 loses they have to join the Dark Order. They go to a panel of judges, Wardlow votes Dark Order, Cassidy votes TH2, Stu Grayson goes against his teammates and picks TH2.
  • Silver and Reynolds try once again to recruit OC for the third time. OC once again spills the Kool-Aid.
  • Bucks and Kenny are working out the battle royale from All Out. Michael Nakazawa asks when he’s going to come out for the match. The three Elite members make fun of Michael and say there’s no way he’s going to be in the battle royale. Michael asks if he can be the Joker slot in the match. Kenny says that Matt Sydal has the slot — they love Sydal because he does a great Shooting Star Press.
  • Cut to Michael Nakazawa oiling up the turnbuckle Matt slipped off of, making it slippery and sneaking away.
  • They show Matt botching his debut move and cut to Bucks and Kenny complaining about how horrible it is. Kenny asks who put this terrible thing together? Michael comes in to brag about him sabotaging Matt, and the three kick him out of the room.
  • The Dark Order walk into the bathroom and see written on the mirror ‘Brodie sucks -stooo’. Brodie Lee investigates everyone to find out who did it. For a second Brodie thinks it is Stu Garyson until he realizes that Stu spells his name S-T-U and not S-T-O-O-O. Brodie finds out the culprits are Silver and Reynolds.
  • Colt Cabana is still trying to find a doctor to fix his face from the Best Friend’s attack weeks ago. He is still unsuccessful.
  • Cutler and Hangman have a ‘non BTE moment’. Hangman is drunk and asks Cutler if he was able to talk to The Bucks. Cutler says he tried but wasn’t able to. Hangman berates him for not trying hard enough. Cutler responds by saying he knows Hangman wants to be told he’s a piece of crap and that he’s terrible so he can feel bad about himself. Cutler says he won’t do that and leaves.
  • Matt Hardy and his nine month old son are with The Bucks. Matt Hardy thanks the Bucks for everything and walks off, happy. The Bucks discuss if Matt seems weird, and by weird they mean way too normal for Hardy.
  • Nakazawa explains what happened and apologizes to Sydal about making him slip. Sydal is furious.
  • Cutler tries to talk to The Bucks about Hangman again. They say if it’s about Hangman they don’t want to hear it. Cutler balks and says it’s actually not about Hangman, just something else.
  • Megabyte Ronnie, whose gimmick is he’s a competitive eater (and who debuted on Dark) delivers cakes for The Bucks. With Cutler’s back turned, Ronnie eats both cakes.

AEW Dark

  • Brandi Rhodes def. Red Velvet. Dustin accompanied Brandi, Excalibur noted they came out of separate tunnels, and wondered if there might be issues with the Nightmare Family. Anna Jay watched from the stage, walking off once the match was over.
  • The Butcher and The Blade def. Daniel Garcia and Kevin Blackwood
  • Penelope Ford def. Dani Jordyn
  • Brian Cage def. Megabyte Ronnie. Ronnie is a competitor eater and makes it part of his gimmick. He pulled out a hot dog at one point and elbow dropped Cage with it, sending it flying. It was a goofy, fun bit. I’m a fan.
  • Santana and Ortiz def. Griff Garrison and Brian Pillman, Jr.
  • Will Hobbs def. Jesse Sorensen
  • Ivelisse amd Diamante def. Skyler Moore and Rache Chanel
  • Colt Cabana def. QT Marshall. Evil Uno continues to be supportive of Cabana. Cabana wins after Stu interferes when the ref isn’t looking.
  • Brandon Cutler vs. Peter Avalon went to a double countout. In their first match against each other, the two worst wrestlers in AEW both got counted out, giving neither a win. Leva was unsure who to support the entire time — she walked out to the ring with Avalon, but during the match she spent more of her time seeming to help Cutler.
  • Best Friends def. Maxx Stardom and Dontae Smiley
  • Dark Order def. Gunn Club and Private Party. We had another big eight man tag match with the Dark Order picking up the win. Strong showing from Evil Uno, Grayson, Silver, and Reynolds. Especially the last two actually getting a win, as they are usually jobbers.

Twitter Happenings and Misc

  • Promo for the parking lot fight.
  • Miro has been tweeting out some stuff that makes it appear as if his gimmick is going to be swanky, rich capitalist? See evidence here, here and here.
  • Colt compared his clothes to Miro’s in a funny meme.
  • Miro also was on Kip’s Twitch, so if you’re a fan of Twitch streams I recommend checking it out!
  • Trent’s mom, Sue brought the AEW crew and wrestlers cookies. MJF was unimpressed.
  • Eddie Kingston was on AEW’s podcast.

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