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‘Dallas & Robo’ episodes 7-8 review: Mars is under attack

Dallas, Robo, and the Moonshiner crew try to save Mars from the cannibal bikers in the finale.

Previously, Dallas received a second shot at stock car racing when casino owner, Victor Goldsmith, began holding them on Mars. She was unable to excise her previous demons when she lost to her biggest rival, Whiskey Johnson, and lost the Georgia Overdrive in the process. This caused her to have a falling out with Robo and she joins up with the cannibal bikers in disgrace. We catch up with our titular duo in the two-part season (series?) finale.

[Slight Spoilers Ahead]

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Dallas quickly transitions into the gang and plays a vital role in all their crimes as muscle and the getaway driver. However, she’s undercover trying to get close to the leader, Carol, in order to capture her and receive the reward money. With all that cash, she can repurchase the Georgia Overdrive and make amends with Robo.

Carol’s no fool and suspects Dallas will double cross her again but, in the meantime, she takes advantage of having her on the team. When the time comes, the head cannibal biker reveals her plan to invade Mars to kill and eat everyone on the planet and make it their new home.

Meanwhile, Moonshiner Trucking are coping with Dallas’ absence. Ellie picks up the slack since they’re down a driver. Without his partner in crime, Robo is more vulnerable and crosses paths with the stranger in white. During their tussle, the cannibal bikers begin their invasion and its up to all of the Moonshiner crew to pitch in and save the planet.

The two-part finale continues the work of episode six by tying together all the elements from earlier in the season. Various characters return from the married couple in the premiere to Bright Eyes the AI. In addition, the mining drill weapons and the dead Robo from “The Joy of Cooking” play significant parts. It’s pretty clever how connected everything is.

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In addition, the final battle is very well done with some great action, particularly from the stranger in white. Each member of Moonshiner Trucking has their own heroic moments and chances to shine while still providing humorous comedy bits.

When it comes down to it though, the show is still about the titular duo. Both Kat Dennings and John Cena instill a lot of heart into their animated counterparts and it’s a touching scene when the pair reconcile. Dallas is well intentioned in her approach to making things right and shows she really cares about her friends and family. Despite being hurt when his partner loses the Georgia Overdrive, Robo is more upset when Dallas goes MIA.

An issue with the final two episodes is that some scenes are predictable. For example, when Dallas radios Robo for help, their poor call reception makes it seem as though they are insulting each other. The audience knows there’s more happening on the other end and it’s not a surprise that’s when the stranger attacks. Speaking of Robo and the stranger, their conflict and resolution is pretty formulaic from the reason of the stranger’s disdain of AI to the eventual putting aside differences for the greater good.

Dallas & Robo delivers a fitting and satisfying end to its first season. There’s a build up drawing upon different aspects of the show introduced early on that culminates into an action filled finale that provides the entire Moonshiner crew individual moments of heroism.

It’s still to be seen if we’ll receive more episodes since there hasn’t been any renewal news since the show originally aired on YouTube Premium two years ago. Maybe the new interest and viewers that Syfy brought could give the series new life. If Dallas & Robo does get picked up, they tease what might be in the next season in the final moments.

Watch Dallas & Robo on Syfy.

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