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Everything we know about all 10 swords revealed in 'X of Swords'
One of Mark Brooks' latest works. Credit: Marvel Comics

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Everything we know about all 10 swords revealed in ‘X of Swords’

Find out what all 10 swords are in X of Swords.

Spoilers ahead. You’ve been warned. For more, read our X of Swords: Creation #1 review.

Marvel’s next big event, X of Swords, kicks off today with X of Swords Creation #1 and a lot happens. It is over 60 pages after all. I highly recommend reading the issue–there is a lot of important moments for characters and subplots at work, but many might be wondering what is the deal with all the swords. Well, ten swords specifically.

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In a key scene later on in the book, two characters are naming their swords who will in three days’ time be wielded by 10 heroes in a duel. The swords the mutants will be using are named by Polaris.

X of Swords

From X of Swords: Creation #1.
Credit: Marvel Comics

Listed out those swords are Muramasa, The Sword of Might, The Starlight Sword, Grasscutter, Godkiller, Warlock, The Soul Sword, The Scarab, The Light of Galador, and Skybreaker. So what do we know about these swords? Let’s dive in.


The Muramasa blade has a lot of history with famous X-Men starting with Wolverine and Cyclops but also being wielded by Captain America and Daken. The sword last appeared in All-New Wolverine #28 out in February 2018. The sword actually contains a piece of Wolverine’s soul and can kill him as it affects healing factors.

I’d guess this sword ends up in Wolverine’s hands, or in one of his family members’ hands at the very least.

Muramasa blade x of swords

Credit: Marvel Comics

The Sword of Might

The Sword of Might is amongst the Captain Britain Corps and likely easy to acquire. Mastermind claims the sword is made from the power of the universe. Made by Merlyn, the sword was previously wielded by Albion, Captain Britain (Earth-98125), Kid Briton, Lionheart, Mastermind, Merlyn & Roma, Reaver, and the Shadow-Captains.

This sword has Bettsy Braddock written all over it, but will likely be tied to Brian Braddock.

X of Swords Sword of Might

The Sword of Might from Excalibur #6.
Credit: Marvel Comics

The Starlight Sword

This sword is likely held within the Starlight Citadel where Saturnyne resides. Whether or not the sword was seen in Excalibur #11 in a cupboard Rogue and Gambit robbed remains to be seen. Of course, its name could be a total misdirection.

X of Swords Excalibur #11

Credit: Marvel Comics


This sword was made by a blacksmith for a war between Greek gods and Japanese gods. Zeus and Amatsu-Mikaboshi (the God of Evil, Chaos and the Stars to the followers of the Shinto religion in Japan) both asked a blacksmith to make a sword and Grasscutter was made and given to Amatsu-Mikaboshi. Grasscutter is a sword with no flaws. Over centuries it ended up in the hands of The Hand, Daredevil’s enemy, and later it ended up in Asgardian Fandral’s hands. It last appeared in Secret Warriors #21 in December 2010 where it was destroyed.

Since its origins reside with a Japanese god of evil and chaos one might assume this gets picked up by a non-heroic mutant.

X of Swords


The blacksmith above also made the Godkiller sword, which was given to Zeus. This sword was eventually destroyed in Secret Warriors #21. It has been wielded by Zeus, Kraken, and Gorgon over the years.

This sword could likely be wielded by any mutant, but Gorgon makes the most sense at this time.


Since Warlock never wielded swords it’s unclear what this sword could be. Maybe it’s Warlock’s Karmic Staff turned into a sword? The unbreakable staff is an extension of Warlock’s own life-essence.

X of Swords

More likely this sword refers to Warlock, the mutant created by Bill Sienkiewicz and Chris Claremont. This will likely be weilded by Cypher who we saw holding a sword already on the cover of Excalibur #14.

Everything we know about all 10 swords revealed in 'X of Swords'

The Soulsword

The Souldsword is another very famous sword of the ten swords wielded historically by Magik. This sword can do a lot of things in part because it’s a manifestation of Magik’s magic powers. It can strike supernatural creatures, can draw spells, augment magic, summon armor, and can be summoned out of thin air by Magik. There are other powers, but they all are innately connected to Magik’s abilities.

Likely this will be wielded by Magik.

X of Swords Soulsword

Credit: Marvel Comics

The Scarab

It’s unclear what Scarab could be. There is a Marvel character named Scarab who Scarab is a mystical creature connected to Thor’s corner of the universe. This character is connected to an Egyptian god Seth. Given the name, this sword is likely tied to Egyptian background and may even be connected to Apocalypse.

I’ll just go out on a limb here and say it’s the sword Apocalypse wields in the promo art by Pepe Larraz.

X of Swords

Credit: Marvel Comics

The Light of Galador

The Light of Galador is a sword Cable acquired in the recent Cable #1. It’s a sword from the Spaceknights and was actually seen in x of Sword: Creation. It’s the ability to power things that appears to be a key element.

Likely this sword will be wielded by Cable.

X of Swords

Credit: Marvel Comics


The final sword is Skybreaker, which is another sword that doesn’t seem to have any history in Marvel Comics…yet. There is an Inhuman called Skybreaker aka Aireo, but it’s unlikely they are tied to this sword. Likely this sword will be revealed with a full back story as the series goes on. Considering Storm can throw around weather…could this be her sword?

So what do you think, are these the ten best swords in Marvel Comics? Let us know in the comments!

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