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tv picks 9 28 2020


Channel Surfing: Awesome TV picks for the week of 09/28/2020

A South Park special, season 2 of Warrior and the return of Primal.

The Channel Surfing TV picks this week cover some heavy issues from the pandemic to racial tensions to unbreakable bonds. South Park has an hour-long special exploring how the town’s different residents are coping with COVID-19. The Bruce Lee inspired Warrior continues the Tong Wars but this time amidst the backdrop of growing anti-Chinese feelings. Then a man and his faithful dinosaur struggle to get by in a dangerous prehistoric fantasy world in Primal.

Capitalizing on COVID-19

South Park never shied away from current events and placing their own slant on relevant issues throughout its 23 seasons. It was only a matter of time before the adult animated series would tackle COVID-19. Though there has been no official date for the twenty-fourth season premiere, we will receive a new episode this week in the form of “The Pandemic Special”.

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The story will see Randy Marsh take advantage of the growing pot market by selling the product recreationally at his business, Tegridy Farms all while coming to terms with his role in the outbreak. “The Pandemic Special” will be the first hour long episode in the show’s history and will air Wednesday, September 30, on Comedy Central.

Race Wars on Everybody!

Shannon Lee along with director, Justin Lin, developed the action drama, Warrior, to honor Shannon’s father, famed actor, Bruce Lee. The series is based off of his concept and treatment where an Asian martial artist goes to the American Old West. The story follows a martial artist prodigy who travels to 1870s San Francisco to find his sister but becomes entrenched in the Tong Wars in Chinatown.

Expect some gritty and intense fight scenes when the second season begins Friday, October 2, on Cinemax. It will continue covering the Chinatown Tongs while they compete with each other for power as a developing anti-China sentiment threatens all of their very existences.

A Different Buddy Story

Genndy Tartakovsky’s Primal was released last year to much acclaim. Critics praised the animation and its storytelling ability with limited dialog. It even won three Primetime Emmy awards last week. Well, Spear and Fang return for the back half of the first season.

It’s a hard life out there in the prehistoric world and this caveman/dinosaur duo rely on each other just to survive. What deadly creatures and threats will they encounter next? Find out beginning Sunday, October 4, on Adult Swim.

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