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All Things All Elite: September 30, 2020

Catch up on everything AEW-related before tonight’s episode of Dynamite!

Good afternoon everyone! We’re coming at you with another wrap up of some of the things that happened this week online for All Elite Wrestling. One thing to note is that AEW Dark had a fair amount of promos this week; Hopefully this is a trend we see more of. Slowly but surely, it is starting to feel like an actual show! Hope you all enjoy Dynamite tonight!

Being The Elite

  • Brandon Cutler is working on his computer hanging out with Nick Jackson when Tony Schiavone knocks on the door, kicking off the Nick/Tony segment from last week’s Dynamite where he breaks his phone. Meanwhile, in the room, Cutler gets a call. 
  • Nick comes back in, talking about how he feels like destroying stuff as Cutler talks on the phone about how he’s made another great video that is on his computer and the video is about to be saved. Nick decides he wants to break more stuff and goes to town on Cutler’s computer while Brandon has his back turned talking on the phone, highlighting just how great this video is on his computer. Nick absolutely destroys the laptop.
  • Uno confronts Five about his hair, saying he needs to cut it. Grayson comes in and is upset that Uno told him to leave during the match with Hangman. The two go back and forth, but it is established that Uno seems to have a higher role than Grayson and Grayson takes orders directly from Uno.
  • Alex Abrahantes introduces this week’s “Speaking Spanglish”, where Ortiz, Kip Sabian, Jake Hager, Thunder Rosa, and Dasha do a parody of telenovelas. It’s extremely good.
  • Cutler and Matt Hardy sit together and talk. Hardy says he is worried about the Bucks and asks if there is anything he can do to help them. Cutler asks Hardy if he’s ok. Hardy says that the fall seems to have changed him.
  • Christopher Daniels rants about how 2020 is the worst year ever. But his worst year ever started in October when Dynamite debuted, because he can’t seem to get any real substantial wins. He talks about how he feels he has failed so far and how it has hit him emotionally. That he has no direction and he sees the end of his career coming up and he wants to do something big before it ends.
  • The Dark Order have fun singing Cody Rhodes’ song with Anna Jay looking on, judging them. Brodie Lee comes in and demands to know what they’re doing and where Reynolds is, who is reportedly going to his dad’s bris.
  • Swole gives a Public Swole Announcement to all the drivers in the left lane: go faster! Go beyond the speed limit! Don’t slow everyone down.
  • We have another “promo school” bit with Eddie Kingston cutting a promo on a bag of Sour Patch Kids. It is excellent.
  • Silver once again approaches Best Friends, this time offering to do whatever to recruit them to the Dark Order. They realize they can try to get him to kill Brandon. Silver very happily agrees and begins to punch Cutler, who is of course holding the camera. Best Friends do not approve of Silver’s method of trying to kill Brandon since it’s not “clever or cute or sexual”. They make a brief truce with Brandon to help him up. 

AEW Dark

  • SCU def. Ray Rosas and Ryzin
  • After that match, John Silver talked about how he didn’t want to team with Colt Cabana since Brodie Lee doesn’t like him. Evil Uno reassures him that Colt has potential and could be a good part of the Dark Order. Silver reluctantly accepts.
  • Penelope Ford def. Alex Garcia
  • Best Friends def. M’Badu and BSHP King
  • Cutler is upset about the previous match that resulted in a double count out. He says to Peter that there will be a rematch.
  • Jurassic Express def. Dark Order (Five and Ten)
  • Luther and Serpentico cut a promo together. The two call out Griff Garrison and Pillman Jr., and declare that the Chaos Project is evil to its core.
  • Billy and Austin Gunn def. Shawn Dean and Cezar Bononi
  • Natural Nightmares cut a promo together, Dustin specifically calls out Colt Cabana and tells him to not be involved in any of this, to just walk away from the Dark Order.
  • Tony Conti def. Red Velvet. Anna Jay was cheering Conti on, there to try to encourage her to join the Dark Order. Anna mentioned to Velvet as well that she might be a good Dark Order member, but it was a trick to kick her in the head.
  • Chaos Project def. Brian Pillman Jr. and Griff Garrison. Chaos Project was true to their word and won their tag match.
  • Nyla Rose def. Rache Chanel. Vickie was in Nyla’s corner, of course.
  • Natural Nightmares def. Colt Cabana/John Silver. The two Dark Order members were doing OK, but not great. They lost when there was miscommunication between Silver and Colt, which allowed QT to get the pin.

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